The Director of Research to the Ministry of Finance, Dr Yakama Jones, has been physically abused in her office for allegedly failing to pay the abuser’s salary on time as per the contract agreement.

According to Yakama Jones, the former Consultant to the Ministry of Finance, who was the abuser, walked into one of the Ministry’s most hallowed  building with his mother and beat her simply because she was doing her job as a public servant.

She did not tell what transpired between them that lead to the abuse, but according to Grace Toure, who seems to know what had been going on with the abuser, in relation to his job and delayed salary, the abuser which was hired for a year, encountered a salary delay after the first month of work but it wasn’t something to bother about thinking paper works were to be done for a New staff.

Grace Toure continued that, He received his second month salary at the mid of the third month, and third month salary almost at the end of the fourth month and  that the issue was discussed and he was told that it was because he submitted his monthly reports late and so he had to work on it.

She added that, the abuser started submitting reports on or before 27th hoping that he will receive salary at most first week of the following month but nothing changed, so he decided to do a job for which wasn’t even part of his contract but because he thought that the ministry needed it, but at the end of the day, his remaining salaries were withheld because of the bonus job that he decided to do.

“He has a family to take Care of and also needs to take Care of his basic needs. How were they expecting him to cater for these needs seeing that he was out of job and needed this money to survive? Asked Toure.

Grace Toure furthered that, He consulted his Lawyer who reached out to the persons involved in order to settle the matter and he even agreed to complete the job which he wanted to do as a bonus just for Him to get his pay and that he had completed the job for which he was employed but Madam Yankama Jones was bent on not paying his salary and benefit because of a job he was doing which wasn’t even a part of the contract out of his free will.

“No one is suppressing anyone because of gender. When you are a woman, you should conduct yourself according to the dictates of society. You don’t go about suppressing people because you’re a woman. Also give respect in order to gain one as respect is reciprocal. No one is supporting him for what he did but people need to look at both sides of the story and reason” she said.

However, Yakama Jones had reported to the authorities about the abuse and the former consultant has been detained and court proceedings has commenced.