Housemate Salone season 3 “Yagba season” is getting intense, as more drama continue unfold everyday which has keep the show going.

After the mid week eviction that sent two housemates home, four Ex housemates were sent back into the house.
The reason for these housemates going back into the house is still unclear to viewers.

Yeanie Healen Sundufu is among the Ex housemates that went back to the house.

Yeanie has told Alice to stop calling Double A her man because he is not her man and they are not married.

Alice Hannah Kanjia and Abdul Alhadi commonly call Double-A have been in a love relationship since the start of the show, unfortunately Yeanie and Double-A were evicted on the fifth week.

Yeanie said ever since her return into the house she is hearing Alice calling Double A her man, and told Alice Double A was just playing a game with her in the house.

She told her to stop deceiving herself because she has meet with the parents of Double-A when they were out.
She said even the day Double A went for the Mr. and Miss housemate she was in his car waiting for him.

Yeanie said she told Alice because she don’t want her to be surprised and heartbroken after the show as Alice is too confident over Double-A.

Alice in her response keeps saying she believes Double A is her man and doesn’t care what people say or think and will continue to call him her man for people to get angry more.