Popular comedian Yemata is today spotted with smiles all over his face as he receives his token from the popular Magician, Baimba Moiforay, aka LAC (World boss).

Few days ago, LAC pledged to donate certain amount of money to some Sierra Leoneans as part of his kind gestures as he has been doing over the years. Following a comedy script made by Yemata few days ago while he stood near a white Limousin as he flexed and displayed his wealth to his fans, the video went viral. This video reaching the world Boss intrigued the world Boss and offer to donate a sum of Le10,000,000 (Ten millions Leones) to comedian Yemata for fuel. “I donate Le10,000,000 to Yemata my fellow money man” LAC stated.

After receiving his package of the donations, the comedian was spotted on a table filled with council of elders enjoying and taking pictures.