When twist of things happened, sometimes it compels people to accept even when they don’t want to. This twist in the housemates Salone Season 3 Reality TV show has gotten housemates perplexed over the inviction of Abdul Michael Koroma (M’Posh), Juliet Konya Sesay (Juju Jeks), Nohmi George and Yeani Ellen Sundufu.

These housemates were evicted weeks ago out of the show, but as you the it is the house like no other house that is filled with everything being superfluous for fans and housemates in the house. The house is known for its Yagba theme filled with Love, Drama, Games, etc. Among the Yagba twist of the show is bringing some evicted housemates back into the house without votes needed from fans.

“They are back in the game. ๐Ÿ‘ซ๐Ÿ‘ซ4 outstanding Housemates have been INvicted (not EVicted) – brought back into the Big House, becos they have an unfinished business there.” AYV said.

“You don’t have to vote for them. They are in the house to draw the curtains.” AYV Entertainment Facebook handle posted.

George Taylor, the dancing chef who hasn’t got an atom of what is happening outside the house was furious and feels insecure seeing these Ex-Housemates back in the house.

After the Mid-Week eviction and later inviction, the four contestants came into the house with completely packed suit cases as it was their first week of the show. The Yagba Season is coming to an end with few more weeks to go. George Taylor and others who thought the game is coming to an end were surprised to see an addition of housemates in.

In the kitchen while preparing morning breakfast for fellow housemates, George Taylor altered the statement telling M’Posh and Juju Jeks that they are no longer in the game because they have been evicted long since but are now guest in the house.

“You guys are no longer in the game but as guests…” George Taylor mentioned.

Later that afternoon, the same George Taylor had a confrontation with Yeani who was to prepare food for the afternoon. There conflict was resulted from who was to used the frozen fish in the fridge.

“You feel insecure since we came into the house again….” Yeani told George. George who among others felt skeptical over the AYV decision but again thought causing drama might make them leave the house again.

When they were asked of their purpose of coming in again, M’Posh said it was for the heart break of other housemates. “Na for burn heart….” He told them all. According to Juju Jeks who later gave her answer synonymous to AYV’s.

“We are here because we have an unfinished business here…” She disclosed.

“You don’t have to vote for them. They are in the house to draw the curtains…” AYV mentioned.

Notwithstanding all these reasons, they are still considered as guest in the house. They are failing to understand that everyone in that house is fighting for the Le250,000 (New currency notes) which is equivalent to Le250,000,000 (two hundred and fifty million Leones) old currency.