A young Sierra Leonean took to social media and expressed his disappointment from his fellow Sierra Leoneans for blaming the government whenever the CEO of Red Flag Muzik (RFM), Boss La is arrested for his actions.

In his video, the young Sierra Leonean stated that, he saw a video where police gathered at Boss La trying to drag him into the vehicle. After his investigations, he learnt that, it was about an iPhone 13 Pro Max that the rapper seized from his home-boy so that he can return the money that he stole from him. Later, the home-boy told the owner of the phone that Boss La has seized the phone because he owed him some money and until he returns his money before he gives him the phone. The owner of the phone then reported the matter to the police which led to the arrest of Boss La.

According to him, people always blame the government whenever the rapper is arrested alleging the government and the police that they didn’t like Boss La. “People put blame on government saying that they don’t like Boss La, police don’t like Boss La, why everyday they are running after Boss La.” He cautioned.

He continued by asking Sierra Leoneans why they are not advising Boss La to comport himself since he is a gentleman and celebrity. He added that, the rapper always put himself, fans and family into funny position. “Why he is not always comporting himself? He always put himself, fans and family into funny position.” The young Sierra Leonean stated that, Boss La is not the only artiste that is doing political songs in Sierra Leone but why he is the only one that is always arrested. He blamed the rapper for all his arrests because he is not comporting himself. “He is an artiste and beside he does sing political songs but he is not the first artiste that started singing political songs and not the only one that is singing political songs.

He mentioned some of the artistes that are singing political songs that never be arrested because of their maturity. “Emmerson is doing political songs but police never arrested him even during APC, SLPP and Pa Kabba’s regime because he knows what he is doing, he is matured and he comported himself.” Adding that Boss La is always among funny cases “when it comes to Boss La, we always hear about funny cases like; Boss La has been beaten or Boss La is fighting somewhere. His life is not stable. I don’t know if it is the marijuana that he is smoking. He always mix-up himself and when police take actions, they start blaming the government that it doesn’t like him.” He called on Sierra Leoneans once more again to advise Boss La to comport himself. “Why are you not telling Boss La to comport himself? He is a gentleman and celebrity. Not all kind of issues his name should be mentioned.”

The young Sierra Leonean stated the number of times the rapper has been arrested since the SLPP came to power. He added that, even when Atical Foyoh is singing against the government, he never got arrested. “If I don’t lie, since when SLPP came to power, he has been arrested for about 10 to 15 times. He is not the only Sierra Leonean neither the only musician. Look at Atical Foyoh that is singing rubbish song like ‘Mess mess’, he never got arrested by the police. He sang ‘Nasty’ and never got arrested because he is comporting himself. Please I want you to warn Boss La.” He concluded.