In the bid to strengthen the priority of President Bio’s human capital development in the country and maintaining total youths development, Yulisa Ahmadu, the Youth Envoy has shown a proactive determination in creating more opportunities for the youths.

In his statement, he confirmed that he has had an engagement in a virtual meeting with the Ohio Dominican University in the US to have them collaborate with the University of Sierra Leone that will serve as a win-win situation for both universities.

He stressed that, the collaboration will have a very important outcome for Sierra Leonean youths who might be interested in building up their educational expertise, adding that the basis of the collaboration will be discussed and determined in the next engagement between the two institutions.

He assured that, President Bio is well determined to boost the holistic development of the youths of the country and ensuring that, Sierra Leone gets an important and vital recognition in the international space as he called on all youths to work with the president to achieve this goal.

His statement reads; Just completed the first virtual meeting between, the University of Sierra Leone and Ohio Dominican University in the US, to explore endless possibilities for collaboration.

What’s even more thrilling is that Sierra Leonean students have achieved a remarkable feat, making them the largest group of international students pursuing Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at ODU this year.

As the Youth Envoy, I’m determined to forge ahead and create more opportunities for our young people to connect with the vast array of possibilities beyond Sierra Leone. Together, we can unlock a world of opportunities for our youth!”