Yulisa Ahmadu, the Youth Envoy for Sierra Leone, has called upon the nation’s youth and citizens to uphold peace and tranquility at all times during the upcoming elections.

Ahmadu emphasized the importance of unity, urging all citizens to come together as one.

He stressed that elections should not be seen as a battleground but rather as an opportunity for the nation to collectively make decisions and exercise their political rights.

Highlighting the enduring love among Sierra Leoneans, the Youth Envoy reminded everyone that elections may come and go, but the bond of unity should remain unshaken.

“Let us remember that elections are not about fighting. It is essential to vote peacefully and maintain the peace. Your vote represents your voice, and it should speak on your behalf. Do not allow any politician to manipulate you for their selfish interests. No political ambition is worth jeopardizing your life or causing conflicts with your neighbors. Approach the polling stations peacefully, cast your vote, and return home quietly,” Ahmadu urged.

He further emphasized the importance of unity beyond the election period, reminding citizens that they will continue to coexist as one Sierra Leone even after the elections.

Ahmadu encouraged voters to refrain from displaying any political affiliations while casting their votes, emphasizing the significance of voting for what is right.

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