Sierra Leone’s Minister of Youth Affairs, Mohamed O. Bangura, is attending the 10th Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting, in London.

The Minister and other youth ministers, senior officials and youth representatives from across the Commonwealth are in attendance to discuss youth issues and priorities.

The 10th Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting (10CYMM) began on September 11, 2023, in London. Mr. Mohamed Orman Bangura leads the Sierra Leone delegation at this meeting, which occurs every four years to address youth policies for Commonwealth member states and broader sustainable development goals from a youth perspective.

The event commenced with a breakfast meeting between Minister Bangura, other Ministers, and British parliamentary figures. Simultaneously, senior officers from Commonwealth Youth Ministries discussed youth engagement, empowerment, and development, reviewing progress since the 2017 Commonwealth Youth Policy.

Discussions centered on education, including challenges in access to quality education, digital divide, gender inequality, and curriculum mismatch. Bridging gaps between learners, educators, and employers was emphasized, along with disability rights and lifelong access to education.

The 10CYMM continues with engaging discussions, site visits, and an Expo leading to the Commonwealth Awards Ceremony, aiming to shape a more inclusive future for Commonwealth youth.