The National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) announced a major employment initiative for young people in Freetown.

The program, targeting 8,000 youths, is part of the Green Public Works project funded by the World Bank and the Government of Sierra Leone.

This initiative aligns with the Productive Social Safety Nets and Youth Employment Project (PSSNYE) signed in 2023. The PSSNYE aims to improve access to social safety nets and income-generating opportunities for vulnerable households across the country.

NaCSA Commissioner, Ambassador Ernest Mbaimba Ndomahina, emphasized the project’s strategic fit with the government’s development priorities. He expressed appreciation to the World Bank, implementing partners, and all Sierra Leoneans. He highlighted NaCSA’s recent operational improvements, leading to faster and more accurate project implementation.

Ndomahina explained that the project has two key components:

Productive Labour-intensive Public Works (LIPWs) & Life Skills Support for Youth: This program will engage youth in rural and urban areas through community-driven activities. Youths between 18-35 will receive short-term employment opportunities in public works projects while gaining valuable life skills training.

Green Public Works: This sub-component focuses on environmental sustainability in Freetown and the Western Area Rural District (WARD). It aims to plant 250,000 trees across 11 catchment areas and support youth-led garbage collection and disposal efforts.

The garbage collection project will be implemented in four phases, each lasting four months, for a total of one year. Wages will be based on the minimum wage.

Ndomahina confirmed that funding from the World Bank and the Government of Sierra Leone has already enabled NaCSA, in collaboration with the Freetown City Council, to employ 1,479 youths in tree planting and waste management. Similar initiatives are planned for regional headquarters towns like Bombali, Bo, Port Loko, and Kenema, promoting sustainable development opportunities for young people across the country.

This project signifies a significant step towards youth empowerment and environmental preservation in Sierra Leone. By providing short-term employment and valuable skills training, the Green Public Works initiative offers a promising path for a greener and more prosperous future.