Sierra Leone’s youth advocate, Yulisa Ahmadu, marked International Youth Day with fervor and enthusiasm, as he joined a cohort of young leaders at the UN Youth Assembly 2023.

The event provided a platform for Ahmadu to champion the cause of Sierra Leonean youth and establish strategic partnerships with influential figures within the United Nations.

In a spirited message, Ahmadu expressed his jubilation, stating, “Happy International Youth Day! I’m honored to join other Young Leaders at the UN Youth Assembly 2023 for the #InternationalYouthDayCelebration! An opportunity to advocate for Sierra Leone Youth and forge meaningful partnerships with influential figures at the UN for the Salone Youth. Amazing to see other vibrant Salone – US based young leaders.”

During the assembly, Ahmadu shared his promising collaboration with the President of the AFS (American Field Service) to create a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aimed at extending additional opportunities and support to Sierra Leonean representatives.

This partnership is poised to enhance the inclusivity of Sierra Leone’s representation in upcoming Youth Assemblies, with a concerted effort to channel these initiatives through the diligent Ministry of Youth.