Sierra Leone’s Youth Envoy, Yulisa Ahmadu has ended a day Diaspora Youth Summit in the United States of America on the Africa Day where different youths gathered to discuss issues related to the development of the country.

He maintained that the event was organised by the Office of the Youth Envoy in collaboration with the Sierra Leone Embassy in USA in close partnership with the Ministry Of Youth’s Affairs, The Ministry of Information And Civic Education, Plan International and the Petroleum Regulatory Agency in Sierra Leone.

He revealed that, the idea was to bring together Sierra Leonean youths in the diaspora to work together and see how they can discuss and map out strategies for the development of the country in their own ways.

We had different sessions, like panel discussions where various youths expert spoke on different topics on development. There were also other set of professionals who spoke on related topics ranging from technology, information, digital on the verge to see how we can use these tools to develop Sierra Leone” he stated, adding that they want to create an avenue where those out of the country can also create impact in terms of developing the digital space, adding that they also had topics around entertainment which brought together different Sierra Leonean artists and fashion designers to discuss how the entertainment industry can move to the next level in benefiting themselves and the country.

The youth envoy called on the diaspora youths to give back the youths that are home as they are ambassadors representing them in the diaspora.

“That is why you are the true ambassadors of Sierra Leone and as youths the power lies with us, we all have diverse stories on how we got here, some came by road, others by air, others in different ways. We are the representatives of our family.” He stated adding that there are many youths in Sierra Leone that wish to have them on-board in terms of development. He called on them all to come together and give back to the nation.