Dr. Kandeh Yumkella of the National Grand Coalition (NGC) Party in Parliament has in an interview with Politico said he has no idea why he was not included in the composition of the Selection of Supervisory Committees of the House that was announced this week.

The opposition NGC leader said he could not find an answer to his exclusion from the committees and suggested that the question be directed as the Speaker of the Parliament Dr. Abbas Bundu. “Why all the other leaders are there but not Yumkella”, he reported.

Asked whether he was disappointed to be left out of those Committees he stated: “I do my job anyway. I’m a lawmaker, we just finished the cyber security and crime bill and I’ve been working like hell to do what the people selected me to do. Remember I was selected by the people, so I do their job. I took an oath of office and I delivered”.

He said the laws are clear and questioned what they as lawmakers will tell the people when they as Parliaments don’t follow the laws.

“The Standing Orders are very clear about the composition of the Committees. Leadership Committee…, you don’t leave out one leader and you put the others. I don’t see where that justification will come from, if you look at Standing Order 70, subsection 13 (a)”, the NGC leader claimed.

Dr. Yumkella also claimed the Speaker just announced and “quickly asked for a vote” and that no allowance was given for a debate about the composition of the Committees, but was just passed quickly.

Politico could not reach the Speaker up to the time of going to press for his response on the matter.