Popular female musician, CEO, and founder of Big Sister Sierra Leone reality TV show Zainab Sheriff, has condemned the government of President Bio.

Zainab Sheriff made this condemnation in a Facebook live video raising different issues she deemed not right but have been done by the government of President Bio.

She starts by showing her voter ID card stating that it is her birthright which will never be taken away from her.

She continued that the government of President Bio is killing her happiness stating that the majority of the citizens are not happy and that will make her unhappy alleging that they continued to kill people every day as if the government is at war with the people of Sierra Leone.

She stated that President Bio’s government is the worse ever in the history of Sierra Leone as people keep suffering. She added that President Bio reminds her of the civil war.

She further stated that her business partners keep telling her not to speak about politics or take sides as she have so much to lose but she stated that her response to them is “What do I have if I don’t have my country if I don’t have my people and if I don’t have someone to protect us”.

She stated that she wish of having billions to help the people of Sierra Leone adding that she always think about Sierra Leone when hustling.

” How many youths do you need to kill to prove a point that you don’t care, that you will kill anybody and everybody for power?
Who do you want to rule as a leader of Sierra Leone when you are killing the people? Are you at war with the people?

She further stated that President Bio’s government is a curse to the people of Sierra Leone adding that he turn blind eye to the suffering of the people.

“How many more do you plan to kill if you lose this election and want to be in power by force? You cannot handle the people with care, you cannot talk to them with respect, and you cannot lead the people. You are not a president for the people of Sierra Leone, you are a mistake and I pray for Allah’s help in this Ramadan to save us”. She ended.