CEO of Big Sister Salone, Zainab Sheriff has apologized to her fans after being released from Lumley Police Station where she spent few hours in detention.

The former Big Brother Africa housemate was arrested on Sunday 14th November, 2021 with her team members and detained at Lumley Police Station. Their arrest was made by State Security Officials because of the traffic jam that occurred at the Goderich Levuma Beach Road during the Big Sister live eviction show party.

Zainab Sheriff was granted bail and she will be facing 6 counts charge including obstruction of traffic and the charges. The CEO took her Facebook page and apologized;


We first of all wish to render our APOLOGISE to all our fans for the late eviction show on Sunday 14/11/2021, it was because of the same traffic that I couldn’t make it in time to evict.

We are also very sorry to our fans and my team for the police brutality that occurred due to the fact that the area where this particular eviction show was held on Sunday 14/11/2021 was not as entertainment friendly as it should have been for a show like The Big Sister Women’s Empowerment Show.

Our fans have every right to dance and celebrate their Sister’s that are competing in good faith in an Edutainment show like The Big Sister Women’s Empowerment Show, for Empowerment and Enablements. ( we encourage you to not be discouraged regardless)

But most importantly we are here to render a sincere APOLOGY on behalf of THE BIG SISTER WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT SHOW FANS to everyone that got affected negatively for the inconveniences of the traffic on Sunday night 14/11/2021.

We also like to APOLOGISE to the state security/ police for having to put them through all that distress on Sunday 14/11/2021 coursed by our fans ( we honestly did not anticipate the turn out of crowd to be as it was)

We take full responsibility and we promise to do better in all our up and coming shows ( for the sake of our women, our fans and our community)

My team, fans, and I were let out on bail yesterday evening, we were ask to appear in court today at 9am.

We shall keep you posted as the matter proceeds.

Thanks to everyone who show concern and came to our aid. ( we are grateful )