As Sierra Leoneans demanded the whereabout of the winner of the maiden edition of Big Sister Empowerment show, Haja M. Kamara commonly known as China Nicky, The CEO of Big Sister Salone, Zainab Sheriff has described Sierra Leoneans that they have bad heart for each and everyone.

Issue of China Nicky’s disappearance shown up on social media when certain number of Sierra Leoneans requested her whereabout since she got disappeared for the past three years. Zainab Sheriff and her manager, Ejatu Barrie were the direct contacts before her disappearance while travelling.

On her Facebook live, Zainab Sheriff stated that the last time she spoke to Nicky was the time she was travelling to the United States. She even shared the pictures on Facebook which brought alarm to Sierra Leoneans as she was not seen in the States. Since then, her manager has refused to show her the actual location of China Nicky. She informed Sierra Leoneans that she also wants to know the whereabout of Nicky.

As she received pressure from Sierra Leoneans, Zainab Sheriff took to Facebook and explained the role she played on China Nicky’s life and described Sierra Leoneans.

“All these shots were costumed and done by me and my photographer, I presented her as I envision her, the picture with the red was the one we took of her for flyers to enter the house, the rest was after the show.  Look into her eyes in these photos and tell me what you see, I see a work in progress.


After I fought for the show to come alive, I fought for her to be in that house and continue to fought for her after the show, people only saw me as wanting to make money off her and got jealous, people in my industry joined in the fight against me behind the scenes free of charge because they believed I will make more money off her. They were worried about my success but whiles they thought they were fighting against me I knew that they were only fighting against her and that was why I quit (I’m not a quitter by nature but I quit because I believed it was in the best interest of the woman I was trying to help and besides she said she was 24 years old at the time).

When I celebrated her going to America based on what she and her manager told me, they said I was trying to claim credit for her success but now that you believe she didn’t make it or has been deported you turn back to me to ask me why.


Most of the people in the industry hate me, I sense it but I promise you that most of them have benefited from my existence not only as an entertainer but as a living Woman of Sierra Leone.

They watch, learn, get inspired, and copy but they still wish me dead.

Just like the Nicky Saga, I said it and I will say it again, THE END WILL JUSTIFY THE MEANS.

The video I saw of her in Ghana is not convincing at all, her manager needs to do more and give proof of existence.

The people I see fighting for her well-being today are different from the people that we’re fighting for her whiles they thought she had made it and don’t need a user like me anywhere near her simply because they were never fighting for her well-being in the first place, they were rather fighting against me.

I sincerely hope she is okay and by the grace of God wish her well where ever she is.

I hope all the haters, especially in the industry have seen their bad handwork.

You will never be able to touch me, you can only touch the people around me who are willing to be touched by people against me, and that will only affect them and not me, NEVER.

But I will say this, her manager owes China a good life.  When Tourism wanted to help her go to England, she said she will not go without you and that was why she didn’t go regardless of the good advice we gave her, at that time I thought it was your place to encourage her to go without you because her loyalty was misplaced and the empowerment was never about you it was for her 💯.  But you as her manager watched her destroyed that chance, later you said you are in a better place (America and now you say Ghana but manager where is you?   Are you in America or also in Ghana?

May God help us all 🙏🏿.” She stated.