As the Fashion For Change continues in Sierra Leone, prominent Sierra Leonean entertainer and CEO of Big Sister Sierra Leone, Zainab Sheriff has today unearthed an inspirational story of Ntuma from the female correctional center Freetown.

Zainab Sheriff paid a visit to the Sierra Leone Female Correctional Centre on Wednesday ahead of the most anticipated FASHION FOR CHANGE event, slated for Saturday September 24 at the Bintumani Conference Centre. This fundraising event is meant to support and empower female inmates in Sierra Leone.

The event was geared to support women empowerment in the Sierra Leone Female Correctional Centre through football and tailoring skills. The two senior female Fifa officials in their private capacities visited the centre to meet the inmates.

Fashion For Change like football, aims to use fashion to raise funds to enable more wonen to benefit and access legal representation in the Correctional Centres.

FIFA Secretary General Madam Fatma Samoura and FIFA Council Member Madam Isha Johansen were the SPECIAL GUESTS at the biggest fashion runway show on Saturday.

Acknowledging the efforts and skills of inmate in the female correctional facility in Freetown, Zainab Sheriff patronized a hand made superb fashionable hand bag product by Ntuma, an inmate in the female correctional facility.

Unearthing the story of Ntuma, Zainab alleged that Ntuma is serving fifteen years in prison for stabbing an abusive husband to death in Self-defense. Zainab furthered that, Ntuma has served seven years of her time already. As she awaits for miracle to happen, at the main time Ntuma makes hand made bags with beads to be sold outside of prison, so she can at least save something as she prays for her freedom someday.

Friends and acquaintances of Ntuma expressed their appreciations to the celebrity for patronizing and unearthing Ntuma’s story after a long time now. According to many, they have known Ntuma as a quiet and shy person over the years before the said incident of stabbing the husband to death.

“Am so happy to hear her name again, she was my college mate in the university, we are all praying for you and that miracle to happen to you ๐Ÿ™” Nina Pieh mentioned in her comment.

One Isata Charm disclosed this:

“How I wish the justices system could lessen her years and free her, Ntuma was a very peaceful loving Nurse that care about everyone around her. Itโ€™s rather unfortunate this happens to her my prayers and thoughts are with her. Thank u Zainab Sheriff”

With Ntuma’s struggles over the years in the female correctional facility in Freetown, she has been providing herself with skills that will empower her as a woman. To many who knew her before, they claimed she was peaceful and calm and concluded that she was a victim of circumstances.

This is because, other are with the thoughts that there are men out there with the mindset of their wedded wives being slaves after their wedding. With the mindset in many, violence against women is as simple as ABC to them. On this regard, when the wife tries to protect herself and things go side ways, the wife is punished severely for her actions.

Ntuma has been in prison for years as her child grows without her mother outside the prison walls.