The six-month ultimatum issued to the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) is just too long, APC (All People’s Congress) grassroot members say. The ultimatum which was issued after President Julius Maada Bio was declared winner of the June 24 elections calls for either a resignation or a re-run.

It means within six months, President Bio should either step down or hold fresh elections. Protests, demonstrations, sit-at-homes and civil disobedience will be the result if Bio fails to meet APC’s demands. Grassroot members of APC are less comfortable with the lengthy period given to the SLPP to make amends as no one knows what would happen in coming days.

The APC supporters are of the firm view that by the time the six-month period comes to an end, Bio and his SLPP henchmen would have put in place counter-strategies. An APC grassroots member, Kadiatu Fofanah seems displeased with APC’s stance saying six months is too long.

She lashed out at Samura Kamara for being “too cold for APC’s comfort,” as

Kadiatu wanted APC to act now with tough action so that the current trend could be reversed. For Kadiatu, Bio did not win the June 24 elections although he proclaimed himself as the winner:

President Bio did not win 2018 elections how can he win 2023 elections. It isย an open rigging by Bio and his government which means APC must act now,” She urges her party in which she reposes absolute trust. While intimating this press, Kadiatu looked back at the 2018 elections in which Bio was not the winner, but he was allowed to reign as President adding that He hoped to do the same thing again.

A petty trader on Abacha Street in Freetown whose name is withheld for fear of reprisals, shares Kadiatu’s concerns saying APC’s old guards are not active. She explained how she wanted young guys with the required energy take over the party and put it on a better footing.

It appears as if the old men are not doing what APC really wanted as they allow government to continue abusing the rights of the people. Since they are not active, the old men should give way to the young ones to take over the party so that Northwesterners could be protected,” she said.

The APC grassroot member made the statement following their encounter with the police who fired teargas canisters at the petty traders in an attempt to get them off the street to ease traffic regardless of the consequences. Named after ornie of Nigeria’s greatest leaders, General Sani Abacha, Abacha Street is a landing place for men and women from the provinces who eke a living on street trading.

Traders pay school fees and take care of other school charges through trading, and she is not happy when forced to leave the streets. She blames it on her party leadership who allowed SLPP to reign up to this moment but she calls on APC to work together to ensure that the shadows of tyranny is lifted. Despite the people’s cries and APC’s calls, Bio is not moved as he continues to strengthen his hold on power.

He and SLPP men made it clear that he would not hand over power to APC, and he works towards achieving his mission without sparing anyone. Bio, few days ago, openly crossed the line after he accused the United States of inciting him to interfere with the electoral process saying he replied that “ECSL (Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone) is an independent and Although financial support has been cut off and travel bans imposed, Bio and his men care less as they have amassed wealth for five years, and most were paid fringe benefits before elections. Ministers as well as APC and SLPP parliamentarians got their benefits before the 2023 elections, a move that stunned many Sierra Leoneans. It is the first time in Sierra Leone’s political history for a government to pay benefit packages ahead of an election.

It goes without saying that SLPP politicians will hardly bow to pressure regardless of the prevailing situation since they have saved for a rainy day. Although SLPP has a stake in the situation, accusing fingers are also being pointed at senior APC members for facilitating the ruling party’s defiance. The party’s key members have been accused of pouring cold water on their effort.

Most do not see eye-to-eye on important issues that affect the party in diverse ways with the leader, Dr Samura Kamara being the key target. Many APC members still find it difficult in accepting Kamara as the man at the helm although he was elected in a convention approved by all party members.

The blatant disregard of the party’s stance of not participating in Bio’s government by Honourable Mohamed Bangura and Alfred Thompson exposed disunity and lack of cooperation within the APC. The stance was taken by the party to ensure that Bio meets APC’s demands of either resigning or conducting a re-run since the first election was not accepted by Sierra Leoneans and the international community.

However, the two parliamentarians showcased their unreliability when they joined SLPP parliamentarians in the well with the hope of getting salaries which were not forthcoming. Threats that more parliamentarians will take their seats in parliament this December has been made by Bangura, but hope making a headway remains fate.

Highly experienced politicians have made it clear that until APC see themselves as one in the struggle, SLPP will never see them serious.

However, Dr. Samura Kamara continues to appeal to APC parliamentarians and councilors to “hold where they hold” although six months seems too long.