From the title, this must sound very strange to even an insane person.

What this country is craving for right now is for first, the illiteracy level to drop from a high of 75% to zero level and second for the number of school dropouts to become non-existent.

With both happening then this country will be on the path to true development and to be named among the developed nations of the world.

This year more than at any other year in the history of WASSCE exams in this country, our children are smiling broader because of the successes that they made in the exams which qualifies most to enter higher institutions to gain higher level papers including diplomas and degrees and to even go further reaching up to doctorate.

This year more young women got requirements for science entrances into university more than at any time in the history of the said WASSCE.

Among those there are going to be doctors, pilots, pharmacists, engineers, astronauts and so on who will, in the near future, put this country on a higher pedestal than it has ever been.

Parents are gleeful because of the excellence achieved by their children.

The nation is happy and all over this country there are celebrations.

But strangely there is one that is not happy and that is the opposition All People’s Congress party which, since it lost the 2018 elections, has developed a deep hatred for country with that political party hating everything called good for this country.

APC is so very unhappy that so many of our children got requirements to enter higher institutions.

Instead of celebrating with those who are rejoicing, the APC party is crying them down, hating them for their achievements and even probably praying for other students not to succeed in future.

All this the APC is doing just so that this country will remain in stagnation to be lord over by half-baked individuals with the APC being the one eyed man leading the blind of Sierra Leone.