Renowned journalist and prominent member of the All People’s Congress (APC), Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, sparked intrigue on December 4, 2023, with a cryptic statement posted on her Facebook page.

In her message, she conveyed a nuanced perspective on the internal dynamics of the APC, a major political party in Sierra Leone.

She remarked, “APC has many Good Players but Good Players don’t fight for vests. Instead we step back and take a seat on the bench whilst we allow APC’s Bad Players to showcase their USELESSNESS out on the football field.”

Dr. Blyden’s statement centered on the notion that within the APC, there are individuals she categorizes as “Good Players” who, rather than actively vying for positions of influence, opt to step back and observe from the sidelines. She metaphorically described this withdrawal, stating, “Good Players don’t fight for vests. Instead, we step back and take a seat on the bench.

The intriguing twist in her statement came as she suggested that it is the so-called “Bad Players” within the party who actively engage in showcasing their “USELESSNESS out on the football field.” This choice of words implies a critical evaluation of the effectiveness and contributions of certain members within the APC, suggesting a deliberate strategy of letting those she deems less competent take the lead.

The cryptic nature of Dr. Blyden’s message leaves room for interpretation, inviting speculation about the specific individuals or factions she might be alluding to within the APC. This public airing of internal party dynamics on social media adds an element of transparency, yet it also introduces an air of mystery, leaving observers curious about the deeper nuances of the political landscape within the APC.

As the statement circulates and garners attention, it remains to be seen how it will influence or shape the discourse within the political sphere of Sierra Leone.