From the hysterical reaction of former President Ernest Bai Koroma to the dismissive utterances of their supporters it is now clear that the switching on of the TRANSCO CLSG light by President Julius Maada Bio, which has lit Bo and Kenema and the surrounding villages, is hurting them deeper than the launch of the Free Quality Education. Former President Ernest Bai Koroma even had the brazen unashamed boldness to convene a meeting just to deceive his people that the West Africa Power Pool project, was initiated during his tenure of office.

Apart from the deliberate distortion of the facts, which are now popping up like the popped corns in the popping machine, Ernest Bai Koroma and his followers have probably not learnt a lesson about Karma – retributive justice.

In the build up to the 2007 elections, whilst the SLPP was campaigning on realistic programs already undertaken that should blossom in the next couple of years, the APC coined a slogan ACTION PASS INTENTION. The Tejan Kabbah led SLPP had put lots of projects in action that would have had long term positive effects on the people of this country. Even Bumbuna Electricity project was at completion stage round about the election time. A very savvy President Kabbah rejected the Independent Power Provider project on the grounds that Bumbuna just needed finishing touches and that there was no need to spend money on IPPs. That was good rational thinking but a political miscalculation, you might say. So were several other projects that were in the pipeline just before elections 2007, when APC coined Action Pass Intention.


The outcome was the insult hurled on SLPP during commissioning of projects which started during their tenure. When Bumbuna was commissioned Ernest Bai Koroma spoke at the ceremony as if his government did everything to ensure it became a reality. He even taunted the popular artiste Emerson Bockarie saying the latter had said in one of his songs that ‘Bumbuna light pas di rapture’ and that he has made a reality. He and his supporters made lots of disparaging remarks during commissioning of projects which started under his predecessor like the CID headquarters, Vice President’s Office, Maritime Administration Building etc.

Whilst they were disingenuous with themselves and the people of this country with their Action Pass Intention slogan, the SLPP TRANSCO CLSG commissioning was the result of hard work, diligence and effective planning by President Julius Maada Bio and his team. Ernest Bai Koroma has no moral right to piggyback on this, because he had 11 years to get it off the ground but failed woefully to do anything concrete towards it. Ernest Bai Koroma even lied that the TRANSCO CLSG project started during his tenure. Yes as president he must have seen the documents on the WAPP or had been briefed by one of his ministers about it. That’s probably as far as it went with him for the WAPP. For him to claim any success of it would be tantamount to intellectual dishonesty (if at all he’s an intellectual).

The truth is Action Pass Intention has come to hunt the APC. Whether they had the Intention of actualizing the TRANSCO CLSG light or not, they failed to do it and the Tok en Do President Julius Maada Bio has done it again. APC should Pay Attention (another slogan of theirs) and stop the lies. It did not start under their tenure and its coverage will be spread to other regions by next year, contrary to their peddled lies that it was done just for Bo and Kenema. Nothing will stop President Julius Maada Bio in his tracks to make Sierra Leone a better place.

He told the people he did not believe in quick fixes that are not sustainable and we’re beginning to see the outcome. Indeed patience is a virtue.