The next crop of appointees which is needed in President Bio’s second term is going to redefine and cement his legacy, thus making his reign becomes green in the minds of Sierra Leoneans as one of the best this nation has ever had.

To many political commentators, they have described President Bio as a leader who is covered by grace and also loved by God, and to others, he is a leader with a loving personality, these two factors have played a great role in his success in life, no doubt.

In his first term, the cabinet was characterized as the good, the bad, and the ugly appointees who were walking through the corridors of power with him, the “ugly” were those set of appointees who had the whim that President Bio is not the one who should have become the president but them; so they decided to act inconsistent with his vision, the bad set of appointees were those who never believed in him becoming the president forgetting that “POWER” comes from God, and the lesser good of appointees were those who believed in him since he started his political dream, however; in all of these, the president acted in good faith by appointing his naysayers for the betterment of this nation, and the actions of this set of appointees posed a serious threat to his leadership.

The President championing his campaign at the bottleneck of the election was a lifesaver for him which completely changed the narrative that led to his landslide victory.
It is now glaring that the performance of some appointees in his first term has broadened and given him more scope to determine who to appoint in this new cabinet.


It is noticeable that some appointees in President Bio’s first-time underperformed and should be replaced and shuffled, they don’t only have to be sacked but a moment is required for them to come forth and make clear what they did because there is no bigger performance terrorism than this.

Some of them are unable to assist the president in fulfilling the yearnings of the people because they are square pegs in round holes.

This shuffle is urgently needed to heal some key areas in this dispensation, the President should peel off those that are underperforming and put the competent hands irrespective of interest whatsoever, anyone with more than one portfolio should be unburdened.

However, Some ministers have shown great potential. Timothy Kabba, for example, demonstrated brilliant ideas in the Ministry of Mine and Mineral Resources, the Minister of MBSSE has given education a new face in this country, and the ACC Boss has made corruption tasteless, this trio and some other appointees demonstrated a greater commitment.

This second term is the defining moment for the president, his new cabinet has to speak directly to his vision as a lasting legacy that is going to cement his reign, and that can only be possible by choosing the right people. As a patriot he is known to be, it is of a moment the president carries along with him through this defining journey all well-meaning Sierra Leoneans who want this nation to become like any of these developed countries. (

Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose_