In a surprising confession, the President of Sierra Leone admitted to rejecting calls from the American Embassy to intervene and halt the Electoral Commissioner, Mohamed Konneh from announcing the outcome of a flawed June 2023 Election.

This revelation further deepens the doubts surrounding his legitimacy. The Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone has sparked additional concerns by refusing to disclose the election results at the district level, despite calls from multiple pro-democracy organizations, development partners, and the main opposition party, APC.

These developments seem to validate the suspicions held by many that the elections were indeed rigged.

If the president had the opportunity to ensure transparency but chose not to intervene, it raises questions about what other actions he might take to address the damages caused by the electoral coup d’รฉtat orchestrated by the Electoral Commission and Mohamed Konneh.

If he was already aware of this grand plot, as he admitted, it appears that the president may not be able to effectively remedy the present situation sinking Sierra Leone into a constitutional crisis.