It is very clear that President Bio, because of the many delivered campaign promises in close to four years in governance, like he did in 2018, will defeat the APC Samura Kamara and Sam-Sumana combined come 2023.

It could be recalled that recently supporters of the embattled APC have been pushing for Samura/Sam-Sumana presidential ticket that will easily fall prey to President Bio and his strong team because of his remarkable achievements since he came to power.

APC and some its political ventriloquists in their heightened madness are claiming that a united APC will defeat President Bio and the SLPP in 2023, easily forgetting that in 2018, with the power of incumbency, looted state resources, vote rigging attempts, violence, intimidation and massive vote buying, President Bio gave a good run for their money.

Sensing defeat after the first rounds of the 2018 president elections, APC regrouped, re-strategized and almost emptied the national coffers, sending full “Ghana Must Go Bag” of money to every part of this country in an attempt to buy votes but they were taught by President Bio a lesson they would never forget in a hurry.

In less than four years in opposition, the power drunken APC is again regrouping this time around with the once defeated Samura Kamara and political prostitute Sam Sumana to challenge an already battle tested and proven Presidential material.

Sam Sumana should realize that with the emergence of C4C in Kono and huge presence of Vice President Juldeh Jalloh, a very popular son of the soil, who is driving President Bio’s development agenda in that district, Sam Sumana has outlived his usefulness there. Apart from Kono, APC is failing to realize that the South-East is the main bastion of the governing SLPP and is expected to make major inroads there come 2023.

SLPP is also expected to increase its vote margin in Kambia; far above what it secured there in 2018 because of the massive developments being witnessed in that part of the country.

The less said about the newly formed Falaba district, the better because since 2018 to date, SLPP has been the dominant party there winning several bye elections. Bombali, Tonkolilu and Karena districts considered the strongholds of the APC; we expect increase in our votes compared to 2018.

We are building strong institutions. We are committed to the rule of law and the Independence of the judiciary. We are accountable and transparent. We promised and delivered press freedom. Gender equality is becoming a reality. Youth empowerment/employment is assured under the SLPP. We reject violence and are committed to peace and national cohesion and therefore we are certain of winning the next elections hands down.