President Dr Julius Maada Bio deserves a second term in office because he has delivered what he promised, which is why he has earned for himself the moniker of being the ‘Tok En Do’ president.

It is no gainsaying the fact that his leadership qualities have endeared him to many Sierra Leoneans. Those who are accusing him of being tribalistic should look at the composition of his cabinet and have a rethink. Ministers like Alpha Kanu, Mohamed Osman Bangura, Alpha Timbo, Miss Manty Tarawallie, Peter Bayoko Konteh, Brigadier Kelly Conteh, Ibrahim Yelenkeh, Abu Abu Koroma, Nabeela Tunis and a hostbof others are all northerners.

This shows that President Bio believes in a government of national unity. No body in his right senses will dispute the fact that President Bio’s Human Capital Development Policy has bore fruits. Today, nearly three million children are accessing Free Quality Education. The SLPP government is now spending 22 percent of the national budget on education because they want to prepare the leaders of tomorrow. As a result of that, our ‘Tok En Do’ President has become a global figure who recently co-chaired the Transform Education Global Summit at the United Nations in the United States of America.

In the recently released West African Secondary School Certificate (WASSCE) results, 113,000 students passed without examinations malpractice. That shows that Sierra Leone is now gradually realizing the benefits of the SLPP’s investment in education. When it comes to the fight against corruption, President Bio is very serious about it. That seriousness is seen in Sierra Leone’s consistent good ratings in the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Scorecard. In the latest MCC Scorecard, Sierra Leone passes 11 out of the 20 indicators on the MCC Scorecard for 2023, making it the country’s fourth consecutive pass since President Bio came to power 2018.

Furthermore, Sierra Leone’s fight against corruption receives further boost as the Anti-Corruption Commission registered a remarkable 79% pass in the control of corruption mandatory indicator out of a possible 100% from a failing 49 percent in 2017, 2018 saw the country recording a stunning 71 percent, 79 percent in 2019, 81 percent in 2020, 83 percent in 2021 and 79 percent in 2022.

Sierra Leone has made considerable progress in civil liberties under President Bio. The one feared 1965 Public Order Act has been expunged, journalists are free to say or write what they want without fearing of being locked up at the Pademba Road Correctional Centre as long as what they said or wrote are within the ambits of the law. Civilians liberties are now being protected through the Cyber Crimes Act of 2022. The death penalty has also been abolished by the government of President Bio.

Recently our ‘Tok En Do’ President Commissioned a 42 million dollar pineapple juice manufacturing facility with a capacity of 200,000 tones per annum and also providing employment for about 1,250 people from eleven communities in Bo District in particular and from across the country generally. This facility had created unprecedented employment opportunities that are helping to boost economic activities, sustain growth in the Chiefdom and reduce crime rates.

Under President Bio, the Freetown International Airport is being given a face-lift like many other state buildings which were in state of disrepair before the SLPP took over. When you see a good leader who has the interest of his people at heart, he should not be let go. This is why I am urging all Sierra Leoneans to vote for him again in 2023.