Today 3rd March 2023, His Excellency, President Maada Bio opened the newly constructed Lungi International Airport.

Many Sierra Leoneans dominated by the ruling SLPP supporters throng Lungi to witness the opening of the Airport. I also saw representatives of the diplomatic community and other stakeholders gracing the occasion.

My source who had worked at the Lungi International Airport for many years praised the airport saying it is of good quality.

Other sources intimated that the airport was built by the same Turkey’s company handling the Senegalese airport.

What is more astounding is that the project was completed within the agreed time and within the budget. Also, majority of the labourers were locals and many people who had seen the airport fell in love with it.

However, the only issues which I have is the lack of transparency as to the details of the projects but that does not take away the fact that the airport should be regarded as national development hence that President Bio has scored a political goal.

What I know for sure is that had the project being managed and run by the Sierra Leone government or Sierra Leonean contractors, that work would not have been completed on the agreed time and within the budget.

In future, I think governments should make such arrangements for the development of the country’s key infrastructure, but any future arrangement should be transparent.

Further, President Bio has ticked the box of building an airport and that no other President would pour money into building an advance airport since we have gotten one already.

This is how a country slowly develop because when another leader comes, he or she would focus on other areas that need to be developed.

Whether it is a new brand new airport, or an extension of the old airport is not relevant but what is important is that Sierra Leone has a beautiful and a standard airport, period.

I won’t rest my case without mentioning the electrifications of many small towns and villages across the country.

I think such is development is commendable and I must commend the President and his government for electrifying many towns.

I think no political party will set building an airport as priority in their agenda or manifesto.

Moreover, Bio has gone down in history that he has built the finest airport in the history of Sierra Leone.

As I said when other leaders come, they would not focus on giving those towns and villages electricity because they are already having it. It is just a matter of managing the current one.

I also believe the electrification of these villages and towns will positively impact the lives of the beneficiaries.

It is on this note, I applaud Bio and I can state that he has scored a political goal on this one.

I rest my case.