I am not saying that Sierra Leoneans should not be ambitious in whatever profession or career they have chosen in life. But what is very dangerous is over ambition. That is one of the main problems currently facing the SLPP government of President Bio. If President Bio doesn’t control some of his cabinet ministers who have shown the insatiable desire to succeed him even when he has just started his second term in office, then he risks the same situation which former President Ernest Bai Koroma found himself when most of his key APC ministers forgot about his “Agenda for Prosperity” and started their own agendas to succeed him, which led to him under-performing at the end of his second term in office.

I believe that what most cabinet ministers should be focused on now are the “Five Big Game Changers” of President Bio not focusing on furthering their own ambition to succeed the president at this early time in his second term in office. It is now becoming very interesting and also painful to see some of the president’s ministers who were born and bred in the capital Freetown suddenly finding their provincial roots with the aim of showcasing that they are south-easterners. Also In recent times, there have been many activities undertaken by some cabinet ministers and heads of pr government Departments and Agencies aimed at showcasing their ambitions to succeed President Bio.

The effect of these shows of over-ambition is that they are not carrying out their job descriptions to the best of their abilities. This will eventually hinders the president’s “Five Big Game Changers”, which in turn will have adverse e effects on the chances of the SLPP being reelected in 2028. Although I am not from the provinces or a Ruling c House, I am not aware of any situation where members of chieftaincy family openly start campaigning to become the next Paramount Chief when the substantive Paramount Chief is not only hale and hearty but actively performing his duties. This is exactly what those over- ambitious cabinet ministers are now doing. What I have also observed in some of those who are now showing their ambition to succeed President Bio is that they have become more focused on their own agendas than the president’s “Five Big Game Changers”.

They are also jealous of their colleagues’ successes in governance and take genuine criticisms as an attack on their presidential ambition. In some instances, some of those with who have shown interest in succeeding the president are no longer team players as the case should be but rather go becoming loners. If I were President Bio, I would have read the Riot Act to those who have shown their ambition to succeed him this early by telling them to either focus on the “Five Big res Game Changers” or shown the exit door. This is very important because if they, who should be the torchbearers of the president’s agenda, are now being distracted by their own agendas then I am afraid that the SLPP will have to kiss State House goodbye in 2028.

In my opinion, what I think all cabinet ministers, including heads of government Departments and Agencies, should be focused on is how to help President Bio strengthen the country’s agricultural sector to ensure Food security and promote self-sufficiency in Sierra Leone. They should also be focusing on the president’s Human Capital Development for nurturing skills for 21st Century industry which will create the much needed jobs in the country.

President Bio doesn’t need distractions now from thoseย  within his ranks but a team of dedicated lieutenants who have one political focus, which is to make the SLPP government to be seen by every Sierra Leonean to be making significant progress in the Five Game Changers that, will set the nation on a sustainable path of s transformational change, poverty reduction, and resilience.