Only a weak kite goes for the carcass of a vulture, so be it for SLPP. Sierra Leone People’s Party) Politicians who claim projects that are not theirs and initiatives outside their thinking faculties.

Cheap politics is meant for ruling parties that have failed to deliver to their people after years in governance. SLPP has been in political existence for over four years, and the only way out is to dress themselves in borrowed robes by taking credit for good things even if they are not the initiators.

They ascribe to themselves honour that do not belong to them ignoring the time-honoured notion that what belongs to Caesar must be given to Caesar. The ruling party has been in the game of camouflage for too long with the claims over the Turkish ferries being the latest. They jubilate as the Ferries float on the country’s high seas after they were imported few days ago by a Turkish company which has taken charge of the Kissy and Tagrin terminals for 25 years. By their jubilation, SLPP politicians create an impression that they were the strategists for the arrival of the ferries from countries thousands of miles away from home.

Waves of jubilation by SLPP politicians showcased them as those who brought the ferries to ease transport constraints for Sierra Leoneans especially commuters between the nation’s capital, Freetown and Lungi. By their celebration, many people in Sierra Leone have taken SLPP for granted that the ferries are their brainchildren.

It is also a way of supplementing their failure to construct a bridge from Lungi to Freetown. The agreement that brought the Turkish investors in Sierra Leone was signed last year granting a 25-year concession to own, manage and operate ferry services in Sierra Leone. The signing of the agreement, reports noted, took place at a dinner held at the official residence of President, Recep Tayyip Edrogan in August last year in the Turkish city of Ankara.

The agreement came into effect last year. A document laid hands on by this press confirmed that the agreement was entered by government and the Turkish investors. “The Ministry of Transport and Aviation, in accordance with the concession agreement signed between the government of Sierra Leone and Negmar Denizcilik Yactirim A.S incorporated, is hereby writing to hand over the ferry terminal ports of kissy, Government Wharf Tagrin to Negmar Shipping and investments” a letter of 12 the October 2021 reads in part.

Negmar Shipping and Investment Company is a subsidiary of Negmar Denizcilick Yactirim A.S incorporated in instanbul Turkey. The concession letter was addressed to the company by the Minister of Transport and Aviation Kabineh Kallon, and Several government Secretary in the Transport Ministry. The Minister assured the shipping company of government’s support at all time.

The agreement came under serious and criticism by observers in the media and the public including a US-based media agency, Africanist Press.