An impartial and independent political analyst who has for many years been scrutinizing and analyzing the political dynamics in Sierra Leone has in a latest interview with We Yone emphatically maintained that, “the National Electoral Commission (NEC) is unfit to conduct 2023 elections”.

The Analyst based his claims on recent acts of fraud, vote rigging and falsification of results perpetrated by unprincipled and SLPP Partisan Officials in NEC.

“It is very dangerous where you have officials in an institution charged with the mandate to be impartial in conduct of elections portraying open criminality and bias,” the Political Analyst noted, while citing as example the nauseating conduct of NEC officials especially a Mr. Paul M. Damba who is Assistant Director of Operations, Northern Region for criminally changing in favor of SLPP result from 069 to 169 for polling center code 06096, MCA Primary School, Alkalia Station 1 in the latest Koinadugu District Council Chairman Bye-election.

THE Analyst pointed out; such warning signals have clouded the political climate ahead of 2023.

“Worrying trends that NEC has strategic officials who are bent to rig the 2023 general elections in favor of SLPP and Bio, regardless of any repercussion that may not be in the interest of security, stability and our democracy,” the political analyst pointed out, while positing he fears majority of Opposition Parties will soon come out with position statements.

“It is apparent they will insist for an overhauling of NEC, staff audit to ensure tribal and regional balance in staff recruitment and placing,” the analyst stated, adding, it is also certain they will call for the immediate resignation of the Chief Electoral Commissioner (CEC), Mr. Mohamed Konneh.

According to the Political Analyst, the blatant acts of thievery and bias by good number of staff of NEC could likely trigger strong stance from opposition parties that they would not allow NEC to conduct any election until action is taken to address these gross levels of partiality.