It may be down to the fact that I am based in England that causes me to expect certain aspect of probity in public life but with the revelations that have surfaced this past week, it is expected that Minister Moninah Sengeh should resign as Minister of Education, a position that puts him in direct authority and influence over impressionable young children.

This call for the Minister to vacate his position at the heart of education in this country is not related to his performance on the job but to the specifics of what has been put in the public domain, the optics that does not tell a good story and the implications that such would have on the morale of his Ministry.

It goes without saying that on certain aspects of human endeavour, the greater good, always must be predicated by service above self.

Many have called to question the act of revealing or for that matter broadcasting the pictures of Minister Sengeh in somewhat openly and lusciously ### poses with a particular individual but on close examination, there is a very good chance that the decision may prove to have been necessary.

Not that there is anything fundamentally wrong with being ###, but in a society that is negatively attuned to such proclivities, men and women of such deviant sexual tendencies must not bring themselves up for public office or for that matter openly engage in what is effectively a criminal act.

The law is clear, ########## is illegal in Sierra Leone. That said, one must be in a position to critically assess the import of such a connotation of a ### Minister in charge of children and young people.

This issue must start with a review of Dr Lahai’s intentions in publishing these pictures so widely on social media. Many have berated him for doing so.

This in part is because those who tend to do so are compatriots who live or have had experience of living in the Diaspora where in some countries, ### life is openly welcomed and accepted. Dr Lahai has however not done this for the consumption of the Diaspora but to out a man in a country where the practice is banned and outlawed. This in so many ways is in keeping with his earlier campaign to openly shame those who were parading with fake degrees and unsubstantiated doctorates that they had used to gain favour and prestige.

To that end, a person in high public life engaged in an illegal activity is no worse than someone who has been using a non-accredited and sometimes flimsy academic qualification to gain promotion or status. Dr Lahai is therefore well within the scope of his earlier campaign to “out” Minister Sengeh because for a man in his position, it is imperative that the public is aware of his tendencies.

While nothing says Minister Sengeh may be a ### predat0r or ########, what is avoidable is the semblance that this society may have one law for those who hold power and another for the rest of mankind. In the interest of probity and a general call to his own integrity, Minister Sengeh must resign his position as a Minister in charge of young children, many of whom are under his influence and authority.

Children must at all times be seen to have role models that uphold the law. Minister Sengeh may be breaking the law if indeed he is actively ### or in any event, does have the potential or tendency to engage in ### activities in his private life. This may sound harsh but the fact remains that as a Minister of Education, he must at all times hold himself to the highest scrutiny when it comes to actions that may compromise safeguarding of our young and impressionable boys in society.

Minister Sengeh must come clean and inform us if he is ###, and if he is, he should resign!