There can be no democracy without freedom of speech. People should be very free to express their opinions in a turbulent, dysfunctional political dispensation like Sierra Leone.

There are always three kinds of spheres in the journalism realm – Those who support and promote the status quo, those who are middle of the road and those who oppose the status quo and seek changes in the way they are being governed.

All three are very important and should be provided unfettered, unrestrained and unequivocal opportunities to say it as they see it. Until the three spheres are allowed to rule, governance will be dysfunctional.

Democracy, nourished by Freedom of Speech, is the only way to promote national development ideas through appraisals, promotion and criticisms of governance in a thriving country.

Sierra Leone is not a one- party state. The two major political parties are the ruling SLPP and the opposition APC. Operatives and functionaries of both parties should enjoy a free and unfettered opportunity to say it as it is in the market place of ideas (Newspaper columns and forums ) .

The SLPP should be able to propagate and promote their blueprint for national development without hindrance. Similarly, the APC should be able to criticize government agendas and policies without any curbs.

Until we embrace these principles of governance, Sierra Leone ‘s sociopolitical and economic development will continue to be held hostage by those who have no serious agendas larger than their own.