OPINION: Dennis Bright is Naive in Governance

Clearly, Dennis Bright has always projected himself and his NGC as very irresponsible, naïve in governance, and keep expressing ineptitude and arrogance with high level of envy and stupidity. Can someone advice Dr. Dennis Bright to visit the Kissy Mental Home. It is no surprise that Dennis Bright feels very comfortable pitching tent with the APC. Pa Kabbah saw this in Dennis Bright, a reason why he was ejected from the SLPP Cabinet.

It is appalling that Dr. Dennis Bright is never keen about the education of the Sierra Leonean populace. He keeps ignoring the issues that will make our country a better place for trivial and irrelevant matters. Dennis Bright is so selfish that he prefers the people of tomorrow to be kept in permanent ignorance. In his litany of lies, misinformation and smearing of character, there has never been a time for him and his NGC to reason critically about the important strides taken by the SLPP government to educate the people of Sierra Leone.

Dennis Bright is a very wicked and envious Krio Boy that has no value for the ‘Kontry Man’. His Krio group was fortunate to have acquired education, and now he is against President Bio making sure there is equality in the acquisition of education for the greater proportion of the country. He intends his Creole Group to continue playing the dominant role in the acquisition of education. Never again Dennis Bright that you and your Group will continue the colossal role where education is the case.

President Bio will continue making education accessible and affordable for the people of Sierra Leone. In all his Joblo Jabla analyses, he has never mentioned the tremendous development and innovations propounded by the New Direction government in the areas of education, health, energy, social safety net, and law reform. Dennis is such a stiff naked fool that he is ignoring the antecedents that have led to the economic challenges governments are facing all over the world. Next time Dennis is seen at Dove Court Market with his misinformation, the poor women who have received COVID-19 stimulus packages from President Bio will throw water in his Red Face.

Moreover, Dennis could be regarded as very ungrateful, and truly blind to the reasons why people voted against APC in 2018.

Not even Kandeh Yumkella will ignore the reality that President Bio is exploring all opportunities to make life better for the people of Sierra Leone. For any country to survive and succeed, education should be key. It is impossible to develop an economy of any country without education. Certainly, Dennis has a misplaced priority. And for that reason, God will never allow him to see his day in any position of trust in Sierra Leone. Dennis should be informed that President Bio has refurbished and constructed over 100 schools in the country in four years’ time. Yet Dennis will tell you it is not important. Then what is important for Dennis? Does he value the education of the people of tomorrow, or he intends using the uneducated population to wage war on the country for selfish reasons.

The SLPP government is currently providing learning materials to schools, and at the same time supporting school feeding programs, and have provided school buses for pupils. Dennis will deny all these innovations with his coconut head. But again, did Sierra Leone have all these opportunities in the country during the APC regime. We have seen the enrollment of more teachers, and increment of salaries in both schools and Universities. The SLPP is quite aware of the value of education that is why the New Direction is conferring University status to institutions in Bo, Kenema, Makeni, Freetown, and at the same time, the construction of a University in Kono that the APC manipulators promised, but failed to do. Thanks to the New Direction government that has increased the intake of pupils in schools to 2.5 million. Very recently, the government undertook the Awarding and Recognition of Teachers as an important component of national development. Dennis Bright are you angry for these facts.

Dennis is the Solar Grid in Masiaka, Tombo, Regent, Gloucester and other places that had never seen power light fake? Are you really level headed? Dennis What about the electrification project of Sierra Leone’s seven district head quarter towns? Is the West Africa Power that has increased the supply of electricity to Bo and Kenema fake? It is unfortunate that the Ginger Bread Boy is suffering from glaucoma.

Most people are of the belief that Dennis is not following on the deliverables in the country. Dennis is of like poles with the Chairman for life Ernest Koroma. They both lack the conscience to face the reality on the ground.

Sierra Leoneans have so much confidence in the leadership of President Bio, especially his applications when the COVID -19 was ravaging other countries, Sierra Leone was able to contain the virus from destabilizing the country. President Bio has always provided leadership in very difficult times in Sierra Leone. And as a government, communities have seen mobile or vehicular clinics providing services to the poor people of Sierra Leone. Major hospital constructions are ongoing, especially the Kerry Town hospital, one of its kind in West Africa. Dennis, are you blind to all these developments in the country?
Agriculture and Tourism have taken a different turn in the country. Where is your farm Mr. Politician Dennis Bright? I heard you have sworn to your LOGDE that you will never get into farming until your NGC is at State House.

Unfortunately, Dennis is not listening to Andrew Keilli anymore because Andrew knows NGC is dead and forgotten in Sierra Leone politics.

President Bio is not unaware of the economic challenges in the country. And Dennis is expected to know the reasons. The APC handed over the country to President Bio in a battered state after APC plundered the resources, denting the image of the country at international level.

Was Dennis in Freetown when the United States Congressional delegation visited Sierra Leone. And Dennis with his PhD should know that such high-level US Delegation will never visit a country that is below the belt of democratic practices. Dennis, are you blind to the expunging of the death penalty from the law books, as well as the deliberate liquidation of the 1965 Public Order Act from the Constitution of Sierra Leone? Most people know Dennis is not appreciative of President Bio compounding on the elevation of democratic practices in Sierra Leone.

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Most people are suggesting that Dennis should try and talk to his uncle who is a retired civil servant whose pension has increased from Le30,000 to Le 250,000.
Boo Dennis go sleep. You have no audience here.

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