A sierra Leonean by the name of pastor Mohamed Sesay, has hit back at popular Sierra Leonean political commentator known as Adebayor by accusing him of turning the All People’s Congress (APC) into a mad dog.

Read his full post;

How Riff-Raff Adebayor Ton APC to Kraise Dog

By Pastor Mohamed Sesay

By the way who is a riff-raff?

One who could safely be described as a scum of society, lowest class of people, ignoble, refuse and so on and so forth.
Who then is an ignoble as aptly Adebayor is being described?

A person of low birth or family, dishonourable, worthless, insignificant, ungentle. A nasty person.

The man called Adebayor who now controls supporters and a great number of members of the APC party and the APC party itself, is all of the above yet in the APC party, he is hailed a hero.

Mad dog indeed!!

This is a scene from a horror movie as demonstrated:

Chained to a tree is the APC party and sitting on a stool close by is the man called Adebayor.

Adebayor then commanded for the chained to be loosened.

Adebayor then commanded for the chained to go close to a poo drum where Adebayor had been storing his poo for months.

“Na me shit, eat am,” Adebayor commanded and straightway the chained began to lap Adebayor’s stored poo.

Choking, the chained looked at Adebayor sorrowfully as it swallowed the last drop of poo in the drum.

Not having either respect or sympathy for the chained, Adebayor commanded it to go to another drum where he had stored his pee for months.

“Na me piss, drink am,” Adebayor again commanded.

The chained did exactly as it had been told and did the dishonourable honour of drinking the pee of Adebayor as commanded.

The mad dog All People’s Congress party being commanded by an ignoble called Adebayor and mad dog APC party obeying meekly.

Monday 8th August, 2022, the mad dogs are on the ready again to eat the shit and drink the pee of Adebayor shamelessly!!

Oh, how art the mighty fallen!!

The spirits of the pioneers of the All People’s Congress party, Pa Sheki, SI Koroma, CA Kamara Taylor, Pa Muctarr Kallay and others, will be turning in their respective graves as they see this horror movie plays itself with the political party which they formed being transformed into a mad dog house and being led by a scum of society, the lowest of the low, called Adebayor.

A man who, when he wakes up in the morning, has nothing else to do but to abuse the mothers and fathers of the people of Sierra Leone including the mothers of Bishops, Imams, Pastors and other religious leaders, a common inciter of the naive, an asylum seeker, a man who took huge sums of monies from unsuspecting individuals with the lying promise that he will lyingly give them asylum in Holland where he is an asylum seeker himself, a thief who is now denying his father, Highway, a convicted murderer.

This is the man that now leads the All People’s Congress party. It is his command the APC party now listens to.

What a mad, mad world the APC party now lives in.

“Come, eat my poo and drink my pee,” Adebayor commanded again and the lap dog obediently indulges!!!

Another morning, another replay of another horror movie!!