Today, JJ Saffa and Lahai Lawrence Leema are ordinary people like you and me. I clearly recall when SLPP was not in power; these men played significant roles to help the party win.

Many, including people like us, believed Leema might get a high-ranking ministerial role, but he became a deputy instead. JJ Saffa got a very important ministry initially, and later in Bio’s first term, he became Chief Minister.

However, during Bio’s second term, they were no longer in the picture, which led to many questions and opinions. Leema was absent during the campaign, and it was alleged that Bio excluded him due to controversies tied to his name, especially the August 10 riot investigation.

JJ Saffa was a key figure in designing the SLPP campaign manifesto. He was active on radio, TV, and in organizing meetings to support Bio’s election. Unfortunately, there were reports that 3 million dollars from the campaign funds were misused by some senior members, including JJ. This strained their relationships with the president.

Presently, these two men are just ordinary people. Their security personnel have been removed, and their influence and authority have vanished. They now rely on the money they earned while in power and the connections they made.

This situation should serve as a reminder to be cautious when given positions of trust. We should keep in mind that eventually, we’ll return to ordinary lives.