Former President Koroma’s 11-year rule in Sierra Leone is widely criticized for draining the nation’s resources, leading to financial turmoil. Since 2018, President Bio has been democratically elected to lead the Republic of Sierra Leone, focusing on rebuilding the nation. However, accusations persist that Koroma has misused state funds to undermine peace, security, and democracy.

Sierra Leoneans express frustration with Koroma, citing his alleged involvement in triggering violence, planning unconditional demonstrations, and supporting coup activities. On November 26, 2023, revelations surfaced, exposing Koroma’s alleged role in a failed coup attempt, resulting in the loss of 18 servicemen.

The citizens of Sierra Leone are determined to follow due process and assert that international interference is unwarranted. The question arises: who desires to witness their country’s downfall? Who tolerates the misappropriation of public funds for personal gain, leading to the creation of internal conflicts? Who accepts constant threats to peace and security? And who supports the theft of state resources to undermine democracy and good governance?

Sierra Leone calls on international bodies, particularly ECOWAS, to respect its sovereignty and allow the country to handle internal matters independently. The strong Sierra Leonean constitution, designed to ensure justice and accountability, will be the guiding force in dealing with Koroma’s alleged transgressions.

In Sierra Leone, no one is considered above the law, and the citizens demand that the constitution be upheld. The call for justice is explicit – Former President Koroma, aka “Thief Man,” must face the full force of the law. The legal process, firmly rooted in Sierra Leone’s robust constitution, should prevail, leading to the prosecution and potential life imprisonment for Koroma, setting a precedent for accountability.

In this context, Sierra Leone asserts its commitment to the rule of law and the fair administration of justice. The people stand united, emphasizing that their constitution is unwavering, and no international body should interfere with the sovereign will of the Sierra Leonean people. The article concludes with a firm declaration that Former President Koroma must be held accountable for his alleged actions, ensuring a just and lawful resolution to this chapter in Sierra Leone’s history.