There is much talk doing the rounds on social media about an imminent deportation of at least one thousand Sierra Leoneans from Germany.

The opposition APC is using this to bash at President Bio, calling him all sort of names and branding him as an enemy of progress.

But what the opposition is not saying is that under their watch they sold hundreds of Sierra Leone passports to foreigners. The German Government has decided to do routine check of all foreigners residing in their country and Sierra Leone is no exemption. It is a fact that during the Ernest Bai Koroma tenure, the APC sold passports at $5,000 each to foreigners.

Most of those that bought Sierra Leone passports are criminals engaged in smuggling drugs and other criminal activities.

It occurred that during the check, at least one thousand people suspected to be Sierra Leoneans living in Germany without proper documentation were questioned by immigration authorities in Germany.

Most of those that were questioned claimed to be Sierra Leoneans but it has been found that most of them are actually not of Sierra Leone origin. So how did they come across Sierra Leone passports? It is due to the spate of criminal activities in Germany and the incidence of arrested criminals found to have Sierra Leone passport in his/her possession which has raised eyebrows. How can a Nigerian man who cannot speak no Sierra Leonean language be a Sierra Leonean, is the million-dollar question?

It is against this background that the SLPP administration is cooperating with immigration authorities in Germany to identify and separate genuine Sierra Leoneans from those with questionable origins. President Bio is not and will never be so wicked as to cause the deportation of his own people from Germany. Those bandying such lies are only fooling themselves.