It is generally of the strongest conviction that the incumbent, SLPP is unable to govern the country without drug deals alongside.

If you ask many to justify this generally accepted notion, many will state that the drug cocaine became a topical issue during the tenure of the Late Dr.Amed Tejan Kabba.
Accusing fingers were pointing at a senior individual in the Tejan Kabba administration.

It is during those moments that addicted partakers of cocaine are referred to as “Junkie Boys”.

During the tenure of the late President, many youths ended up at the Kissy Mental Home for drug addiction that had or was gradually developing into mental imbalance, be it temporary or permanent.

Under the political dispensation of the New Direction Administration comes another drug called ‘KUSH’, which seems to ravage the lives of our tomorrow leaders, yet no one seems guilty.
But why the continuous political hypocrisy about who bears the greatest responsibility for the vampire drug?

That is, the chief importer, that is serving as an eye-opener to other importers of a drug that is now a household name in all Regions of the country.

By the look of things, youths that constitute the majority of partakers continue to deteriorate drastically in health.
Pundits are of the view that KUSH, the drug in town has already entered the fabric of the country’s Civil service especially the forces and other relevant ministries, Departments, and Agencies.

It is no longer a hidden secret that dealers and peddlers of KUSH are carrying on the deal with impunity, backing on the conviction that a very senior individual in President Bio’s administration is behind the importation of Kush.

Interestingly, dealers and peddlers of KUSH continue to let the cat out of the bag by informing their customers that no need to worry about police raids.
“I have registered with Ross Road and Barracks Police stations “East-end kush dealers assure customers.

Auch testimonies implicating the Sierra Leone Police is the force for good should not in any way be treated with a pinch of salt by the Executive Management Board, Sierra Leone Police.

I stand to be corrected, the relationship between police and law offenders in any given state should be a hand shake, not an urge.
But coming from a neutral point of view, since the Advent of the Bio’s government, police raids on ghettos and other hot spots areas in the capital, Freetown is gradually becoming a thing of the past four years down the line.

Another school of teaching was attributing the reason behind the fewer police raids over the past years as a demonstration of the government manifesto to legalize marijuana, but low and behold, it was like laying the foundation for KUSH to hit the ground running.

Therefore, many well-minded Sierra Leoneans are of the view that “KUSH” is an illegal drug, yet seem legal as a result of the latitude of political protection it continues to enjoy under the current administration.

With the limited rehabilitation centers for citizens on drugs across the country, it stands indisputably that the war against drugs is nothing but lip service.

As a result, many of our youths will be roaming the streets singing mad songs.