Whilst Dr. Idriss Lahai is purporting to be doing the country a favhour in exposing alleged fake degrees, he is effectively destroying the country’s image globally, and creating more problems for genuine degree holders to get jobs internationally. 

He has created a situation where the academic credentials of even our best, are questioned. The country is now being viewed as one where degree holders get their degrees by the back door, and such credentials are not worth the paper they are written on.

Many Sierra Leoneans are slowly coming to terms with the ramification of Lahai’s solo venture on their future and that of the country. Whilst not condoning those who may have deliberately bought degrees, yet there are those who may have been hoodwinked into believing that certain institutions are genuine. That said, there are still questions as to the authenticity of the allegations against certain fine Sierra Leoneans, who have burnt the midnight candle to attain academic excellence.

Dr. Lahai had claimed that the Africa Graduate University is fake, but there is a document in the possession of this medium written by the Ugandan Mission to the United Nations to Sierra Leone’s Mission to the same UN, where they made it clear that the AGU is registered with the Ugandan government, and is free to seek accreditation anywhere, a far cry from what Dr. Lahai would have us believe. If the AGU is not accredited in Sierra Leone, it is the failings of the TEC, as its Chancellor had maintained that they were duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and had applied to the TEC for accreditation. Where then lies the problem?

It is no secret that there were top academics lecturing at the AGU, whose academic credentials cannot be doubted. Is Dr. Lahai saying that students who went under their tutorship should not be granted degree? The only difference between them and those at FBC or other colleges is that the AGU is yet to be accredited by the TEC, which could be a big concern for the authorities. Why did the TEC drag its feet to give accreditation, when top lecturers of high pedigree were part of the AGU’s academic staff?

Meanwhile, what is the real reason behind Dr. Lahai’s crusade? Some say it is a personal vendetta against the ruling party, whilst he claims that it is his own way of cleaning the education sector. If his intentions are what he claimed they are, why is he doing this only now? Is it that he did not know all these years? Judging by his revelations, he seemed bent on targeting high profile people.

Had Dr. Lahai’s intentions been a genuine desire to cleanse the Education system, one would have expected him to first engage the Ministry of Tertiary and Higher Education and the TEC on his findings, after which, working hand in glove with those institutions, he would have been able to help the country rid the sector of such anomaly, instead, he took to the social media, posting lists of alleged fake degree holders, sometimes erroneously labeling some of them as fake PhD holders. Whilst honorary PhDs are the discretion of the issuing body, but for those who had burnt the midnight candle, this is not a child’s play. For the likes of the Clerk of Parliament Paran, Umar Tarawallie, Leader of Government Business, Inspector General of Police, Ambrose Sovula Dr. Ekundayo Gilpin, Dr Sanpha Koroma, Robert Kargbo and Memunatu Pratt, Dr Tumma Gento Jabbie and others, this is not a joke.

What Dr. Lahai is insinuating is that all those named in his posts are all fake degree holders and are in their respective positions on the merit of those alleged fake degrees. This has been proven to be false, as in the case of many citizens of integrity.

Whilst Dr. Lahai is crying down people that have made a mark in the development of the country, one is forced to ask; what contribution has Dr. Lahai made to the country’s development? In my opinion, he is trying slowly to damage those who have done the country good, people who have displayed their love for their country.

Dr. Lahai’s crusade has done nothing, other than a paid up job to tarnish the image of the country and creating a situation where young Sierra Leoneans seeking international employment will have their academic credentials doubted, including those from the country’s top universities and also try to undermine the Free Quality Education, which is the President Bio flagship program.

Dr. Lahai needs to wake up from his slumber and know that this is the technological age and the world is moving fast, and Sierra Leone should not be left behind in this revolution. Online courses are the order of the day, and people should not be cried down for taking advantage of this opportunity

We understand that Dr Lahai has a PhD in Peace and Conflict and yet he is casting doubt on the data from the Statistic office. Dr Lahai, can you add 2 plus 2? Can you carry out a simple regression analysis? We doubt!! So you are you to question the veracity of data!

Please think wisely and stop discrediting your country