“Lawyer Augustine Sorie Senge Marrah is no symbol of emulation in the legal profession” says a retired Supreme Court Judge. He has been referred to by many of his colleagues and some judicial administrators as a source of disrespect to the citadel of legal authority in the country. “He is not fit to practice law in the country” was a comment from one of the country’s long standing judge with  over 7 years experience as a practicing legal luminary and as a Judge of the Supreme Court.

Lawyer Augustine Sorie Senge Marrah has a record at the Independent Media Commission (IMC) of dragging Journalism for what he described as doing the “wrong thing against the members of the public”. His assessment about Journalists and the practice of journalism by some of the practitioners has been disputed and described as negatively perceived by him. One of his legal colleagues has said that what he has criticized journalist for doing falls squarely on his lap as he has been perceived as a disrespecter of authority and not symbol of emulation by young and upcoming lawyers who are determined to use the legal profession as their future.

Last Thursday, at the High Court Number One where the Supreme Court most of the time held its sessions became a bad and ugly spectacle to viewers and those present at the General and Legal Counsel Meeting. They were taking aback when they saw the unbelievable display of rude performance from their colleagues that was very least expected from a Lawyer who has respect for his profession, the court and on the table that Supreme Court Judges are delivering verdicts.

Augustine Sorie Senge Marrah was visibly seen steeping on those tables and even transforming them literally to a dancing stage at the full glare of other legal luminaries. Augustine Sorie Senge Marrah has spent some years in the legal profession; unfortunately his performance has depicted him as somebody suffering from mentality insanity. In an interview with the  Standard Times at his Soldier Street Office, he said that the “The videos or image making rounds on social media is false and misleading. It was done by an unscrupulous person/s that in my view does not exist to smear my hard earned reputation”

He dabbed on the truth, but later when squeezed, he admitted saying, “I agreed that I jumped on top Law Court Desk, however, my reason to do so was to escape slaps by some Lawyers present at the meeting and also harassments from the police”. He went on to explain “we were having some disagreements and the situation was very much heated up and I have to save myself by jumping on top of desks, finding my way out”. He defended his action by comparing it to other occurrences in the past and said “This is not the first time such incidences have occurred, it had happened in the past and worse more than my behavior”. He said in a very callous way and concluded by saying that “the only problem is the fact that this happened within the court premises” and added that “he has tendered his apology to the judges for putting the court’s image into disrepute”

With a weak, and what looks like a toothless Disciplinary Committee of the General and Legal Counsel, Lawyer Augustine Sorie Senge Marrah seemed to have been pampered for his indiscipline and disrespectful behavior, which clearly has put the Judiciary in  a state of ridiculous against all the positive gains achieved under the administration of the current Chief Justice, Hon. Babatunde Edwards