Most Sierra Leoneans are not in shock at all that APC Samura Kamara has the steam, the moral fiber to think properly. After the statement from the British Foreign Minister today that I am in Sierra Leone to launch our plan to put women and girls at the heart of our international work”, Samura Kamara went out on tweeter to quickly express delight over the UK Foreign Minister’s submission.

Now, is it Samura Kamara that should be blowing the trumpet for women’ and girls’ empowerment in Sierra Leone? Can someone please echo to Samura Kamara that gains made by the Bio regime have accelerated the interest of the British in the empowerment of women and girls in Sierra Leone?

Who can match the work of the First Lady Dr. Fatima Bio of Sierra Leone in promoting girls’ freedom and security in Sierra Leone?

Samura Kamara’s tweet triggered laughter, and most people saw so much hypocrisy, and lack of pride in trying to cover up under the hard work of President Bio.

Samura Kamara should be reminded that the British government has tremendous respect for President Bio and his agenda for the people of Sierra Leone. It is on record that President Bio pushed for the gender empowerment bill in the Parliament of Sierra Leone because he sees women as major partners in development. President Bio has specifically laid premia um on girl child education, a major tool for the liberation of women in our society.

Coming to our First Lady, Samura Kamara should be thanking our First Lady for creating space for our girls to enjoy childhood, vehemently struggling with the old societal problem of early marriage, rape, and dropout from school. Dr. Fatima Bio and her program H Off Our Girls project have restored so much confidence in our girls in Sierra Leone. So it is Fatima Bio that should be celebrating with the girls of Sierra Leone, and not APC Samura Kamara. Let me quickly remind APC Samura Kamara that there was an allegation of rape that was put to him in one of our broadcast stations in the 2018 elections an allegation that he is yet to prove wrong to the people of Sierra Leone. There is also another allegation that is yet to be proven that APC Samura Kamara had to strip himself naked before his friend’s wife and attempted to rape her in one of the hotels in the United States when the woman took food for him in his hotel room. These, and many other allegations are around the neck of APC Samura Kamara for molesting women. So why the jubilation over the British Foreign Minister’s statement or amura’s jubilation on tweeter was mere scorn to the British Foreign Minister’s interest in promoting women in Sierra Leone.

It was in President Bio’s manifesto in 2018 to promote gender equality, and to achieve the 30% quota for women empowerment in governance strata. President Bio has just delivered on that to the women of Sierra Leone.

The likes of Nimata Majek Walker, Hawa Zainab Bangura, Nasu Fofanah, Marcella Samba Sesay, and many more women activists will tell you that APC Samura Kamara’s party when in power for eleven years neglected all their efforts in striving for the recognition of women in governance. Samura Kamara’s APC denied women their rightful position in our society. Many thanks to President Bio and his wife who have taken the band giant steps to break the stigma of discrimination against women in our society.

Many people believe that not even the notorious Basita Michael will take away the credit from Dr. Fatima Bio for ensuring women and girls are protected in Sa Leonean society. Sexual Offenses Model Court to quickly try culprits of violence against women has been instituted in Sierra Leone through the efforts of Dr. Fatima Maada Bio. And very recently, Fatima Bio took the agitation to the United Nations where she won the case of recognition for torture against women, and a Day has been declared by the UN to assert the importance of women’s basketball empowerment and their freedom. (Xanax)

Samura Kamara of APC is yet to tell the people of Sierra Leone how supportive he has been to women in Sierra Leone an not just tweeting vaguely to show that he has an interest in the British Foreign Minister’s statement.