As the elections in my cherished country Sierra Leone draw closer, the political conversations amongst the two main Political Parties supporters, the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) and All People’s Congress (APC) is getting interesting.

Reading and watching these conversations, I sense a lot of dishonesty and insincerity during these exchanges.

For instance, I have been following many SLPP supporters including senior officials asserting that the former Mayor of Freetown Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr should be voted out because she made fake promises to the people of Freetown and that she did not deliver what she promised during the 2018 elections.

In defense, some of the former mayor’s supporters argued that the mayor did not achieve all her promises because of the upshot of the Ukraine Russia war and the COVID 19.

However, in their reprisal attack, the APCs accused the SLPP central government of failing to deliver their promises specially to address the bread and butter issue(economy). In that light, the SLPP government should be voted out in June for failing to deliver as well.

In response, the SLPPs cited the Ukraine Russia War and Covid the 19 as being responsible for the hardship and therefore the government ‘s inability to address the bread and butter issues in the country.

This I find very intriguing since both parties, in this case the APC Mayor and SLPP government people giving the same excuses for their failures but maintaining that the other should be voted out because of fake promises to Freetownians and Sierra Leoneans.

My questions are: should Sierra Leoneans vote out all politicians who failed to deliver their 2018 election promises?

If the Russia Ukraine War and COVID 19 affected the performance of the central government, why shouldn’t it affect the performance of the Western Urban Council?

It is on this note I ask, should Sierra Leoneans vote out all politicians who failed to deliver their promises?
I rest my case.