A Sierra Leonean has written an open letter to the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, his Excellency President Julius Maada Bio on current issues and happenings in the country.

His letter reads:

Dear President Bio,

I am writing to express my deep gratitude for your re-election for a second term in office. Your victory in the recent campaign was hard-fought and well-deserved.

As a devoted Sierra Leonean who has supported you since 2012, I firmly believe that those who stood by you in your early days should be rewarded in politics. It is disheartening to see many grassroots SLPP politicians being sidelined and neglected, pushed to the point of no return.

Politics should be about loyalty and those who truly believe in your agenda to transform Sierra Leone. However, one glaring issue I noticed during the 2023 election was the absence of experienced campaign managers, leading to numerous skirmishes and challenging situations.

For instance, vibrant politician Alie Kabba, who campaigned tirelessly and helped shape your winning agenda in 2018, was unfortunately sidelined by you and those around you. These were the very individuals who stood by your side when nobody else believed in your potential.

Mr. President, I have observed that your inner circle is now filled with individuals from the diaspora who never contributed during the struggle. These are people who doubted your abilities and even accused you of having blood on your hands. It is disheartening to see them now benefiting from the presidency, while those who worked tirelessly for your victory are left to languish.

Mr. President, politics does not exist in the next world; it is here on earth and its benefits should be reaped by those who have suffered and believed in you, especially grassroots politicians who stood by your side when you had nothing.

The outcome of the 2023 election reflects the sidelining of those who understood the intricacies of planning and managing the election process. Many of these individuals, who even took bullets for you during your time in opposition, seem to have been forgotten.

I vividly remember Abasha from Kenema District, who was part of your bodyguard team. This poor young man has suffered, been imprisoned, and even risked his life by taking bullets on your behalf. Yet, now that you have attained the presidency, he and others like him are being marginalized.

Instead, it is disheartening to witness people who never believed in your agenda or vision milking millions of dollars in the State House. Some of these individuals have been rejected on the grounds of lacking education, a claim often made by greedy and selfish SLPP politicians.

Even I, during your time in opposition, was beaten by APC supporters in Kono District simply because I believed in you. I was a teacher at Yengema Secondary School at the time. Philip Tondoneh Tetema house was burned to ashes by APC supporters in Ngaya headquarters, simply because he was a strong SLPP politician who believed in you. I am glad to see that he is still part of your team.

I humbly request that you provide opportunities for SLPP bloggers and grassroots supporters who are currently struggling. This could be done through scholarships in Europe and the United States to improve their educational attainment. We understand that providing jobs for everyone is not feasible, but granting these dedicated supporters certain opportunities can change their lives.

For example, the APC party takes hundreds of their supporters to the United Nations conference in New York, deliberately providing them with opportunities. This is why those who have benefited from the party’s support during their time in opposition never turn their backs on the APC.

The SLPP party should also create avenues to assist impoverished grassroots supporters. It is crucial to put an end to greed, ego, and stupidity. Power is not eternal, and when you lose it, those to whom you have given prominent positions will not be there to protect or support you during difficult times.

For instance, the former Bank Governor is no longer in Sierra Leone; he left when his time was up. They are only in Sierra Leone to take advantage of lucrative positions. I implore you to find a solution for these disadvantaged grassroots supporters.

Ungratefulness is a terrible trait, and it is important not to allow those who did not contribute to your presidency to control you and push away those who did. I sincerely hope and pray that you will address this issue and provide opportunities for these deserving grassroots supporters who believe in you.

Yours faithfully,

Ibrahim Sorieba Mansaray