Former Vice President, Chief Samuel Sam Sumana should have F been a full-fledge member of the main opposition, All People’s Congress had everything gone well among the party’s leadership. The former Vice President was endorsed at the National Delegates’ Conference (NDC) of February, 2023, and an official letter should have been issued to legitimise his stay in the party: The NDC is APC’s highest decision-making body and has the power and authority to reinstate any official who has been illegally asked out and wanted to return.

The reinstatement of Sierra Leone’s second gentleman was also first discussed by the National Advisory Committee (NAC), APC’s second highest body where all members expressed joy to welcome another political heavyweight to the party.

Chief Sam’s approval as an APC member came after he tendered a letter of instatement in 2021 to the APC leadership years after he left the party owing to a row between him and his former boss, Ernest Bai Koroma.

The consent expressed by the leadership made many Sierra Leoneans think that they were hopeful that Chief Sam should have taken part in the February, 2023 convention through which Samura Kamara emerged flag-bearer and presidential candidate. Upon his return, the former Vice President was subjected to investigation to assess if his intention to return to the party is genuine.

The former Vice President remains highly popular among diplomatic circles owing to his power of assertiveness in Sierra Leone’s body politic. Many say it would have been prudent for APC to have Sam Sumana in the party as it was believed that only he can successfully challenge President Julius Maada Bio. The current regime is radical and therefore needs a radical politician to bring APC to power.

Information reaching this press shows that the probe of Chief Sam about his return to the party has been completed and is now fit to be re-called as the party needed him more than ever before.

A senior APC politician describes the former Vice President as a tough and relentless fighter who must be brought back to the party since the weather is turbulent these days. It is hoped that the political situation should have taken a fundamental turning point if Chief Sam forms APC’s ranks again.

Looking back at recent past, a senior APC politician, name withheld, sees it as a big mistake for leaving out Chief Sam Sumana in the

APC was branded as the party that caused the war which led to the destruction of thousands of lives and property in the South-East regions, but it was Chief Sam who rebranded the party’s image there creating a smooth and easy ride for former President koroma. It was one of the main factors that nurtured and nourished a cosy and rosy relationship between Chief Sam Sumana and his former boss.

Overnight, owing to hubbub of gossips, backbitings or backstabbings, the one-time good friends turned into enemies with no one knowing the actual cause. The factors cited for the arbitrary expulsion of the former Vice President from the APC were insufficient and improper.

As if playing a smear campaign, then Information Minister, Alpha Kanu told Sierra Leoneans that Sam Sumana lied about his faith and fomented violence in his hometown of Kono, but such claims were not properly investigated when the hasty decision was taken by the party and then President.

Supreme Court also failed the country when it misconstrued constitutional provisions in favour of the Koroma regime. As a peaceful and law-abiding citizen of Sierra Leone, Chief Sam challenged Supreme Court’s verdict to the ECOWAS Court which went to his favour.

He returned to Sierra Leone and practised politics within the confines of the law, and made huge gains winning most of the parliamentary seats in Kono. Chief Sam would have been a strong and successful third force, but the love of APC brought him back to his old root. To the amazement of many Sierra Leoneans, he rolled his caravan three years back to Makeni city where he reconciled with his former boss.

The friendly smiles, tight hugs and handshakes brought back hope and peace to the party and country, one of the greatest moments for Chief Sam and APC. Everybody expected the offender to apologise to the offended, but the reverse occurred here. Chief Sam Sumana who was offended pleaded with the offending party, a move that showed how close was APC to him.

Chief Sam has been accepted by NAC and NDC, and the political space must be opened for Chief Sam Sumana to showcase his political strength again.