I have said over and again, the NGC to function from after the 2018 election till the next one and still have the vigour and bite of 2018 will require a minimum monthly investment of USD50,000. That is the minimum! That amount will include the cost of office rentals across all districts and regional capitals, stipends for volunteers, salaries for key national, regional and district admin staff, running office, media engagement, etc. Now that is something one person can not do.

For KKY to do what he did in 2017/18 is phenomenal! The cost of time, money, health, etc is not a joke. When that same man stood against all the odds and asked for your vote, you ridiculed him. KKY alone forced the roundoff in 2018. If you had ignored the APC and supported him (it would have been him and the SLPP). Even if he lost that round, it would have had a profound imprint on the fabric of Sierra Leone’s democracy and rewritten the history of politics.

Now that he says he is not able to continue bearing that load, you come back here and ridicule him. What the Fude? 99.9% of those ridiculing him can not, and will not, now or in the future contribute 0.0000001% of what KKY has done as a politician let alone as a former UN senior staff and in the developmental world.

However, the circumstances of his resignation, leaving or whatever you choose to call the separation from the Party he created, for me, is a sign of great strength and respect. When you cannot, it is OK to say so and move on.

Only small minds will tease this person for doing the right thing – moving on, admitting his inability and limitations.

If you cannot understand this and appreciate it, let me emphasise here and again, you are a small mind. Thank you.

May we find more KKYs going forward. Men and Women with the guts and balls to want to change from the outside. To defy the odds and to dare to want better for Sierra Leone and West Africa.

May our portion be men and women, who know when to quit!