When COVID-19 broke out in Sierra Leone, President Bio set up structures to curtail the spread of the virus. At national level, it is called NaCOVERC and at district level it is called Dicoverc.

There were people who got presidential appointments to key positions, including as district and regional coordinators.

These core staff and other workers did not put money first, but they accepted the job to save the country.

In their appointments letters attached were promises of payment of allowances.

But those who President Bio appointed to head the office are bringing shame and embarrassment to Government.

Since Brig. Kellie Conteh was removed as chairman for NaCOVERC, payment of allowances to workers has been a very big challenge.

One month ago, some workers staged a protest because their allowances were not paid for months. Some workers were owed either 5, 6 or 7 months.

Amidst the protest, NaCOVERC cleverly paid one-month allowances, to stop it. But even at that just a few people were paid.  That move begged the question: Why the discrimination?

My sources are telling me that top staff at NaCOVERC are giving the impression to President Bio that workers at NaCOVERC are paid every month. This information giving by NaCOVERC is far from the truth.

In fact, NaCOVERC has been very unfair with the workers. They paid coordinators and some staff in Freetown, leaving out other staff in the provinces.

For God’s sake, why should people President Bio has entrusted with responsibility should embarrass him?

NaCOVERC is generating money from testing and development partners are giving their own help.  But payment of workers is still a big challenge.

Since January 2022, majority of the workers at NaCOVERC have been laid off, with months of backlogs to be paid. It is only NACOVERC where you see the more the laid off workers, the more problems of unpaid allowances. In 2021, even in 2020, workers were sent off, but until now their monies have not been paid.

Most of these people are either blaming President Bio or Government. These workers have families and dependents to take care of.

Why Sierra Leoneans treat others so badly?

NaCOVERC should be monitored. President Bio should keep a close eye to those at the top, especially as we are running into elections.

Sierra Leone did extremely well in the coronavirus fight, and it was these workers who actually did the work. Why should they be treated badly? An empty bag cannot stand!

Actually, this was not how President Bio was expecting it, but this is how top officials at NaCOVERC want it to be, to embarrass the government.

Worst of all, NaCOVERC is requesting for their assets, but they’re not finding ways to pay backlogs owed their workers.

We hope that NaCOVERC will have a rethink and know that those workers the sent off are Sierra Leoneans and they have families to take care of.

President Bio means well for the workers who were contacted to fight and end Coronavirus, but some of those in top positions want people to see government as lacking concern about their plight.

Sierra Leone is for Sierra Leoneans. If you are in position of trust today, treat others with dignity, as no one knows what happens tomorrow