Although the Government of Sierra Leone still refusing to grant our brother who happens to be one of the most famous musicians in the country, Mr. Nasser Ayoub, his act of patriotism and the love he has at heart for the country, considering his philanthropic and humanitarian gestures as strong factors to grant Mr. Ayoub citizenship of Sierra Leone.

Secondly, Mr. Ayoub’s long-time advocacy through the print and electronic media demonstrated the love he had for the country and his desire to be declared a citizen of Sierra Leone.

We saw recently on the news when President Bio was conferring some African American citizens of Sierra Leone.

According to sources, plenty of those who have been granted citizenship of Mamma Salone by the President didn’t stay in any part of the country for a longer time, but today they are proud citizens of Sierra Leone.

In this context, one may be urged to further raise questions or concerns like this:
“What is wrong with Mr. Nasser Ayoub who is not only born and bred in Sierra Leone, but he had also contributed to the country’s development agenda to fulfill his dream of becoming a complete citizen of this country by the Government of Sierra Leone”?

Nasser Ayoub and their family members owned fixed assets in strategic areas which are creating employment or job opportunities for certain lucky young Sierra Leoneans.

Mr. Ayoub also played a critical or remarkable role in the aspect of transforming the country’s music industry through his rhythmic voice.

It is disheartening and disappointing because, Mr. Ayoub considered himself a complete citizen of Salone fact that he was born here, grow up, and may also die here, depending on what Allah/God had destined for him.

We are seeing Sierra Leoneans acquiring citizenship of America and other great Nations around the world, but it’s a different case in Sierra Leone where it’s extremely tedious or difficult for Lebanese or other nations who are so desired like Nasser Ayoub to be granted the opportunity to become a citizen of this great and richest mineral state.

In that regard, the public had joined Mr. Ayoub’s advocacy efforts to plead with the Government of Sierra Leone to grant our brother, Mr. Nasser Ayoub citizenship of Sierra Leone because he had been advocating for such for about close to two decades now.

Are there attitudes displayed or exhibited by our country’s top musical star, not a demonstration of the unending love and respect Mr. Nasser Ayoub has for Sierra Leone?

Lastly, the most disappointing point in this whole episode is that Nasser Ayoub’s songs are always considered to be the sweetest and finest Salone music, but why the Government don’t want to confer or grant him citizenship of Sierra Leone?