Our contemporary Sierra Leone has witnessed and still witnessing unprecedented political occurrences every day and this has affected the daily affairs of the state.

As a Sierra Leonean citizen living in France, I’m humbly suggesting that the political system of the West African nation be decentralized to salvage the many political issues arising every day.

Though a Banking Consultant and not a politician, I’m with a firm believe that if Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans will stop punching below political and economic weight the country’s political system be decentralized.

The country and its people will grow significantly if we decentralize the political system with four or five governors who will be governing or overseeing the affairs of the different regions.

My humble conviction is that we’re missing the point in addressing the many political and developmental battles confronting us as a nation and people, and until we do something about it, we will continue to wallow in poverty.

The power of the Central government will be to oversee the regional powers.

I’m advocating to decentralize our political system with four or five super governors, with local/ regional democracy. The central government’s power will be to oversee the regional powers.

As a Sierra Leonean with links in the North, West, and Southern Sierra Leone, I believe the current political system has not created the needed dividend and is not working since it was incepted because the President who is the head of the Executive arm of Government is to bothered with so many powers.

We need to ease the tension on the President. The present system is not working and it’s creating tension and division in Sierra Leone.

Among the many things I’m advocating for is we must create an environment that supports competition to develop Sierra Leone at a regional level with elected governors and their local parliaments.

The said officials will be responsible for raising revenues, and investment in education, and roads.

Our country needs to invent a new system of power to favor national peace, cohesion, and competition to develop Mama Salone.