Times of shades grey, blue white or red is passed
When Lebanese, Jews, others clamour to take our diamonds in vase
We though clad in tribes, have come to know
No one but ourselves will make our country shower snow

We fought ourselves while blind in ignorance cold
You were left to divide us with Berlin Wall for our gold
War and strife you brought that bore our souls
Our heart is black knowing we were sold

Suffering from the war made us birds to soar
Every corner bright or dark enlightened our road
We have thought hard as rock away from home
Coming back possessed we are, nationalism in our bones

Within our ranks armies of saints to heel Sierra Leone
Manifestations of your salt of sin we draw out our veins
No more chance to corrupt our heads with bribes to sell our souls
We take militant control with integrity to have control

We shout in hymns no more Sierra Leone for sale
Our leaders that sold us we cuddle with death’s veil
Look for signs of entrepreneurship in our midst
All we want is throw you down the cliffs

New Sierra Leone is written by Franklyn Toni Zorokong. Encouraging Sierra Leoneans Their divine duty to make Sierra Leone a better place for indigenous Sierra Leoneans.