In the last 48 hours, we have seen resignations from the National Grand Coalition( NGC) after an outburst from the NGC 2018 Presidential Flag Bearer, DR.Kandeh Yumkella, over the past weekend.

It is conspicuously conspicuous that the NGC seems to be in a state of internal fragmentation and implosion.

The NGC’s chemical weathering occurs amidst rumors that Hon. KKY will possibly be repatriated to his homegrown political party, the SLPP.

In addition to the rumors of his possible repatriation to the SLPP, Dr. KKY’s statement during an address to members of the NGC left many of the party members disappointed, disrespected , and some even accused him(KKY) of being too hubristic and egotistical in his statements.

Since that speech,we have seen resignations and brouhaha within the NGC party members.

The latest being the resignations of the NGC Chairman and Leader, Dr Dennis Bright and the Western Area Regional Chairman, Authur E.Pearce.

The unfolding events in the NGC signal an interesting political events ahead of the June 24 ,2023 elections.

However, one of the main argument of KKY and some of his diehard supporters in the NGC js that they need to go into a strategic alliance with the ruling SLPP so as to unify the country.

Nonetheless ,what many NGCs have failed to realize is that the ongoing internal conflicts which have neccesitated the resignations of key NGC members will put the party in a weaker position to negotiate the strategic alliance agreement with the SLPP.

Also, if party members continue to resign or abandon the party,the SLPP hierarchy and negotiators won’t treat the NGC with seriousness since the party will only be more or less an empty shell.

The question is, if the NGC start to fragment now before finalizing any strategic alliance agreement with the SLPP, what will be left in the NGC that will form an alliance with the SLPP?

Therefore, by the end of it resignations exercise, will there be anything left in the NGC that will form an alliance with the ruling SLPP party?

I rest my case.