As Sierra Leoneans await to see the return to the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) of the former SLPP most vociferous and articulate SLPP flag bearer aspirant for the SLPP prior to the formation of the NGC, Kandeh K. Yumkella,

political pundits are asking whether the return of the NGC strong man was prearranged by some key stakeholders in the various parties (SLPP and NGC) or KKY is forced to go back to his father’s party because he has realised that there is no way he could achieve his presidential ambition in the NGC.

Many people are of the view that the NGC is not the right vehicle to drive honorable Kandeh Yumkella to the presidency at state house.

From political history perspective, the third force *( third Poltical Party)* that had gotten the highest seats in parliament recently was the PMDC, but the PMDC leader’s dream and chances of becoming President of Sierra Leone died a natural death.

However, Sierra Leoneans have seen efforts being made by President Maada Bio and some unknown Paramount Chiefs working behind closed doors to actualize KKY’s smooth return to the SLPP.

According to sources within the NGC and SLPP, negotiations on areas such as policies and other pertinent issues relating to positions in the new marriage arrangement are on going. Modalities are being discussed at high level.

My sources state that some senior NGC official or members want a clear agreement before any return to the SLPP or before any Strategic Political Partnership (in KKY Voice) between the two parties is reached.

The NGC officials do not want to go into any deal with the SLPP without concrete and enforceable agreement between them and the Maada Bio’s led SLPP.

They don’t want to repeat the mistakes made by other political parties which blindly went into coalitions with other parties in the past without formal agreement.

The NGCs don’t want to limit their agreement with the SLPP on mere verbal basis considering the deception and dishonesty prevalent in the Sierra Leone Political landscape.

With all this ongoing talks between the SLPP and NGC, I wonder whether all the NGCs who had branded both the SLPP and APC as Alusine and Alhassan will be willing to go back to one of the twins which the NGC had described as unprogressive.

Since it inception , the NGCs see themselves as Progressives while describing the two main Political Parties  (APC and SLPP)  in Sierra Leone as corrupt, and backward accusing them of responsible for the backwardness of Sierra Leone. This is nothing but the truth.

My questions are , can the return of KKY with some of his supporters to the SLPP which is one of unprogressives change anything, or will KKY and his supporters be consumed by the majority SLPP’s own ways of doing things when it comes to governance and developent ?

It is apparently apparent that the NGC membership was drawn mainly from the SLPP and APC with other people who claimed to be non-partisan.

Since the KKY and the Green-blooded NGCs are inclined to go back to the SLPP, consequently, will the Red-blooded NGCs go back to APC as well?

What will be the fate of the ones who claimed to be non-partisan?

Are they remaining on the Neutral Politocal Ireland?

Is it possible for these claimed non-partisan NGC members to move with honorable Yumkella since they believe in him?

Can the NGC survive without KKY?

With all this countless issues, one may wonder if Alice (NGC) is going into a prearranged or a forced Marriage with it would be new husband, SLPP..

I rest my case.