Jagaban isn’t one of those aristocratic, traditional bourgeois academic Sierra Leonean-PhD Politicians. His style of engagement with the ordinary citizens is completely different from other politicians within his APC party.

His approach, tactics and form of engagement with the common man is original and non formal, which commentators described as “JAGABANISM”.

From the blues or some will say, from nowhere, emerged this heavily bearded Arabic Scholar called, Sheik Alhaji Mohamed “Omodu” Kamara, aka JAGABAN.

Again, while many heavyweights are shadow boxing themselves as to who becomes the next Party flag bearer and have devided themselves into various Teams and Camps, I was made to understand that Jagaban doesn’t belong to either Team A, B, C, or D or Camp Zogoda in the APC party.

Personally, I have never seen nor met with JAGABAN face to face in my entire life time. I only heard of him in 2023 during the Multi-tier elections in Sierra Leone.

Surprisingly though and despite his few weeks of political campaigns with the APC party, his name spreads through out the four corners of the country like a bush fire in the middle of harmattan.

In our wildest of imaginations, no one saw JAGABAN’S coming. He appeared like a ghost around 3am in the middle of the night while the majority of us were dead asleep.

Without an iota of doubt, Jagaban’s active involvement in the APC campaign helped in mobilizing huge support for the party. Jagaban has created a niche (a space) for himself within the party and has naturally become a force to reckon with.

At the height of the 2023 campaign, Jagaban became a big threat for the ruling SLPP as it was openly manifested by HE. President Julius Maada Bio’s visit to Blama the birth place of Jagaban. During his campaign message to the people, President Bio said, he had heard of one “foolish man” called Jagaban who’s campaigning in the town and called upon them not to listen or pay attention to him because he is a foolish man. But despite that bashing the APC party was able to secure reasonable number of votes which never happens before the emergence of Jagaban.

Jagaban isn’t one of those aristocratic politicians who believes their high academic credentials to catapult them to the highest office of the Land. Jagaban is an educated Arabic Scholar and a grassroot personality who has become very influential within the youths and the general Islamic community in the country. He has done a lot for them and still continues helping them.
Make no mistake Jagaban has won the hearts and minds of thousands of Sierra Leoneans and most especially the Muslims through his philanthropist activities.

It could be recalled that, immediately after the 2023 elections, Jagaban returned to his job in the USA. And once again he’s back in the country touring from the East, West, North and South all in the name of helping people and preaching peace and unity irrespective of your political affiliations.

It is understood that some “would be” flag bearer aspirants within the APC party have felt threatened by the second coming of Jagaban because they see him as a stumbling block to their presidential ambitions.

To validate that allegation, we read an article ‘fake USA Court’ document circulating on social media stating that, Jagaban has been charged with fraud in the USA and might be sent to jail anytime soon.

Anyway, that’s Sierra Leone a country with millions of PhD (Pulling Him Down) syndrome. There is Jagaban once again in the country. That allegation has come to pass!

Since 2018 when the APC party lost in that crucial election to President Bio, the APC party is yet to get back to their supporters to give them hopes and words of encouragement. One political commentator said, what the APC party failed to do from 2018 to 2023 is what Jagaban has now embarked upon by visiting communities and giving their supporters hope.
Rather than trying to bring Jagaban down it’s incumbent upon every patriotic Sierra Leonean to encourage him to continue doing the good things he is doing for our people.

However, with all the good things Jagaban has been doing in the country, he has never declared his intention for any political position in the APC party, therefore, it makes no sense for others to feel threatened by his presence.

I have followed Sierra Leone politics for several decades now, and one simple advice I think I want to give to Sierra Leoneans is; Never Underestimate Jagaban’s Style of Politics. He has the capability and capacity to create big surprises come 2028. He has a bright future in the politics of Mama Salone.